Shopping99 Tutorial

A reader requested this months ago – been so buy I haven’t had the chance to do but here it is!

is a Taiwan based website with tons and tons of goodies to buy. If you can read Chinese, you’ll be fine – if you can’t, then the site is vast and confusing since the layout is quite messy too.

So this is how I figured things out, the hard way!

Shopping99 houses a few sub stores.

SHOPPING99 ????.jpg

Pretty99 –

for affordable make up and skincare and tools

Fashion99 –

clothes and accessories. Remember though, sizes are fairly small although the bags and jewellery are nice.

Life99 –

loads of super cute and cool household items, stationary, BUT a lot of it they won’t ship overseas! Shame cos they had super cute cat stationary.

Vogue99 –

higher end cosmetics and beauty goods – so you will get your Chanel and Dior’s here, there is a great range called Cinder&Rella, Taiwanese brand which is good quality.

You CAN buy from different sections and pay in one go – if the item is not allowed, it just won’t appear in the cart.

Ok, let’s get started:

So we’ll click on to Pretty99. The page is very long so let’s stay focused!

SHOPPING99 ???? - Pretty99 ????.jpg

This is what the top bar areas mean:

SHOPPING99 ???? - Pretty99 ????-1.jpg

1 – Pretty home page

2 – Order Check

3 – Information

4 – Member Rules

5 – Log in

6 – Bonus Points

7 – Add to Favourites.

So the 2 we will use the most is order check and Log in.

If you scroll down you will see boxes – you can go directly to an item you want to buy from here:

SHOPPING99 ???? - Pretty99 ????-2.jpg

The sidebar however is probably the easiest way to shop systematically so you don’t miss things out. Now, under Pretty99, THE brand to try out is called MUGU. It’s a very affordable brand with some amazing deals. However, remember shipping is quite expensive with taxes won’t be quite a big a bargain as you thought.

SHOPPING99 ???? - Pretty99 ????-3.jpg

1 – Sale items

2 – Items at 99 dollars (Taiwan Dollars – NT) – about £2 GBP, so about $4USD

3 – Various items, lashes, make up, skincare

4 – Underwear, hair appliances, bras, beauty tools like razors etc, nail, massage goods

The MUGU section:

?????? - SHOPPING99 ???? - Pretty99 ????.jpg

As you work down it become very clear – one section is for eyeshadows, one if for base, one is for blush etc.

Register BEFORE you buy, otherwise you will lose your cart.

Now we can set up a new account or log in. Let’s try a new account.

???? - SHOPPING99 ????-1.jpg

You are sent to a info page – click to agree:

???? - ???? - SHOPPING99 ????.jpg

This is the sign up page:

???? - ?????? - SHOPPING99 ????.jpg
???? - ?????? - SHOPPING99 ????-1.jpg

1. Enter your email
2. Confirm your email (yes it comes up as black dots)
3. Your Name
4. Password 4-8 characters

???? - ?????? - SHOPPING99 ????-3.jpg


6. ID no – this is for taiwan residents only so enter 0’s
7. Sex/Gender
8. Date of birth
9. Occupation
10. Telephone
11. Mobile no
12. Permanent Address
13. Email address
14. Confirm the security number

Let me make it clearer by filling it in:

???? - ?????? - SHOPPING99 ????-4.jpg
???? - ?????? - SHOPPING99 ????-5.jpg

You will now get a confirmation note:

???? - ???????? - SHOPPING99 ????.jpg

Whoops… will be getting an email then.

Now, click back onto our cart:

??? - SHOPPING99 ????-2.jpg

So now I will go through the process of buying an item.

I clicked on MUGU top 10 then on the palette, the basket underneath.

MuGu_TOP10 - SHOPPING99 ???? - Pretty99 ????.jpg

Add to cart? Click OK


there’s my cart! Say we want to add something else – so I just click on the sidebar again and start browsing and keep adding. Let’s say we are very conservative and just want the one item.

??? - SHOPPING99 ????.jpg

Next is confusing. Scroll right to the bottom of the long page. Click on this to continue:

??? - SHOPPING99 ????-1.jpg

Next page:

???? - SHOPPING99 ????.jpg

To Pay:

?????? - SHOPPING99 ????.jpg

Next page:

SHOPPING99 ????-2.jpg

The first drop down menu is to establish the price and shipping band you are in. I can’t take a photo of it with my mac, but you will have the following options – just choose the one for your area:

SHOPPING99???? ???????EASY.jpg

Then you the shipping costs will be added at the bottom of the page. The price and shipping (EMS) is added – our total is in red, NT. 1224. We tick the terms and conditions and press enter.

SHOPPING99 ????-3.jpg

For this one item, we paid $684 which is about £14/ $32 so it ain’t cheap. SO you are better off doing one big order.

SHOPPING99 ????-4.jpg
SHOPPING99 ????-5.jpg
SHOPPING99 ????-6.jpg

Final confirmation page! A pop up will come in a interrupt you…

SHOPPING9 9????.jpg

Payment window:

Mozilla Firefox.jpg

All the info in on there – send…and were done!

You can then log in at any point and track the order – you get a EMS no with this too.

My recommended MUGU products:


*click on image for link!*


MuGu??????????????(?)? - SHOPPING99 ???? - Pretty99 ???? - MuGu ???? > ??????.jpg

There are TONS of products, these are just the ones I tried and liked.

Go forth and shop! hope it was of some use to some of ya!

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  1. says

    WOW! You are too sweet to have done this really detailed tutorial!!! I’m sure a lot of the readers will appreciate this!!!

    Thanks and Happy New Year!

  2. Caroline says

    Thanks so much for this. I actually have some MuGu stuff but only through surveys on another forum. This way is alot cheaper :)

  3. Cheryl says

    How did you manage to add them all into 1 shopping cart and ship them overseas? I have tried multiple times and I e-mailed them. They replied that they don’t ship the items with the discounted price overseas. And that some of the items are not available to people not living in Taiwan. Gosh.

    • Row says

      Hi Cheryl

      Whats your problem exactly? They sent discounted things to me (UK) so it is a dodgy translation? Sometimes, there are sections where you can’t buy things from (like homewares) and therefore it won’t add it to your main basket – have you just been buying from one area? (say the Pretty 99 section?)