Shopping with Nars Online Review: NOT SO MUCH FUN ALERT!

Friday 16th August:

Quelle surprise! No refund as promised! 

Wednesday 14th August:

AM: I didn’t go for the claim as I thought I’d give them one last chance. Now they say they will process the order and send the goods?!?!?! ARGHHHH.

PM: Got an email and no, someone on the phone made a mistake and they WON’T be sending the order but will refund order by Friday. By the way, do I want a free shipping code? (piss off).

Monday 12th August update:

Now that Nars haven’t bothered to reply to any of my emails, I am going to have to claim via Paypal to get my money back which is a long winded and annoying process. I really shouldn’t have to do this with such a big company.  As much as I LOVE Nars I won’t be  buying from their store again – your loss Nars, when I haul, I HAUL.

Sat 10th August Update:

Have emailed NARS twice more now to ask for an update on my third refund but no response! I am quite annoyed now at having to chase them and be out of pocket for absolutely nada. 

This week’s massive FFS goes to none other than one of my favourite brands; Nars.  

Fucks sake meme Google Search

To cut a longish story shortish, I made an order online last Sunday to the sum of £98.  I got an error message, so tried again, got the same error message, so figured out they had placed a block on my card or what not, so carried on with my day and thought I’d attempt the order again later on with another card.

Later that evening I tried to use my debit card but it wasn’t going through – I call the bank and they run through a few transactions with me – turns out that Nars had debited my account £98 TWICE (both times I saw them as fails) so those funds were now in an ‘approved’ state which meant my money was in limbo, or, on it’s way to Nars.

So I call on Monday…but they are closed on Monday. Multi Million Pound empires are closed on Mondays. Who knew?

I call on Tuesday and spoke to a perfectly nice girl who sent the queries to her bosses to investigate. At the end of the day I get an email asking me to send proof of the debits as they can only see failed transactions.  I email to ask like what kind of proof, paper statement, screenshots etc….

Move to Wednesday and I get another email telling me that they are sorry for the mistake and have refunded me. I ask if they needed to see ‘proof’ or not as I had called the bank who told me the money has been reserved but not ‘claimed’ and I’d have to wait 10 days for it to return to my account (as long as Nars don’t take it).  They said, yes, they now CAN see the monies and they had refunded. Great!

Move on to today, I think I might try again to make the order (the items I want are only available on their own website) but instead for half the items in case of an error and….

NARS Cosmetics 1

But you see, this time I used my other card, one which emails me as soon as any amount of money is taken from my account (very useful feature) – sure enough I get an email telling me that Nars have kindly taken the money from me but once again the order did not go through. ARGH.

As I write this it’s 1am and I have sent another email to the company and will no doubt await ANOTHER refund…hey, it’s not that  they are too tardy with responses but my god, how bloody annoying?  And let’s face it, when it comes to money, you can’t just go debiting away at people’s accounts – especially as I am now over £260 short for absolutely nada. 

So whilst this case isn’t bad enough to be a Screw You! this is definitely a FFS and just a massive massive pain in the bottom. 

So hey, NARS!


And no…no….I won’t attempt to make this purchase again.  I wanted 4 items, and it’s not that I am not tempted but as George Bush said, ‘FOOL ME ONCE, SHAME ON YOU! FOOL ME – YOU CAN’T GET FOOLED AGAIN!’

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