Shiseido The Makeup Mascara Base VS. Shiseido Nourishing Lash Primer Comparison

I mentioned earlier today that Shiseido discontinued their highly popular and fabulous Mascara Base for a new formula, the Nourishing Lash Primer.

The conclusion is that the nourishing primer does do a good job so dry your tears; we haven’t been given a dud in replacement!

I’m going to do a quick comparison for other Shiseido mascara base fans.

The two tubes:


The older mascara base came in quite a heavy weight tube but the later one became somewhat lighter. There isn’t really much in it packaging wise, they’re both quite simple and slick.

Quantity – you actually get more in the new tube.
The new tube gives you 8ml and the old one had 7ml.

The old primer also dried out fairly quickly – the new formula – I will have to let you know because I haven’t owned it for that long. It seems to me like the nourishing primer (new) has more of a gel texture that is lighter and will possibly last for longer.

The mascara primer traditionally has a grey-ish tinge to it which needs covering with mascara. On the new version it is less apparent and more transparent (rhymes!) so could be work as a super natural lash gel.


The brushes look different – the old one is thicker and slightly rounded. It doesn’t get right to the bottom of the root or anything because it is so thick and dense. The new brush is spiky and therefore distributes less product but does so more evenly cos you can really coat the lashes.

Both don’t really smell of anything.

The product:


Like I said earlier, the nourishing primer is a clearer gel and the old formula is a bit more lumpy (but this never affected how it performed) and darker in colour.

The nourishing primer, I haven’t yet noticed if it has improved the condition of my lashes but I did notice it seems to make regular mascara more water tight and therefore harder to wash off.

Either way both of these primers are good and for me they are both effective. I do miss the clumpy greyish texture of the old formula but this new one does a better job of distributing the product.

Verdict: Are you a Shiseido lash primer fan?

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  1. says

    I’d always meant to try this one; the new formula sounds like it’s a bit better value if it doesn’t dry out as quickly. Thanks for the review!

    • Row says

      Hi Kuri

      Yes I have decided this product is pretty good! I would’ve died if it wasn’t cos the original is amazing x