Shiseido Integrate Be Happy with the power of Mineral Liquid Foundation Review

Japanese brands seem to be experimenting more with ‘mineral’ make up and I thought it was rather groovy to see Shisedo’s Integrate brand releasing a liquid mineral foundation!


They also do a powder mineral foundation and a mineral base. I’ve tried the powder foundation and found it no different to standard powder foundation in texture.

Integrate’s mineral range is curiously called ‘Be happy with the power of Mineral’ (see more silly names here) which may’ve been better named ‘Be happy your less ugly with a layer of foundation’.

But guess what – I’m not Shiseido’s official product namer person….Here’s the bottle. It’s squeezy like the ones you get ketchup in:


I bought OC30 which is the darkest shade – like MAQUillage, the OC30 in these two ranges match my skintone pretty well. I saw pretty well because it is still a tad ‘ashy’ for my liking but nothing my powder and bronzer can’t balance out. Oh it is very yellow based so keep away, pink-ettes!

Otherwise, Japanese ranges suck badly for not catering for olive to dark skin tones. I guess they don’t really have to but still…it would be nice *bows*.

I like this bottle. I like how unglam it is. Reminds me of MAC Face and Body foundation except you get about 10 times more with that.


The texture of this is runny, but not too runny. I really like it actually, because it feels light on the skin, sinks in quickly but gives a decent amount of glowy coverage.

This product has a lot going for it – it’s 100% SOMETHING (or so it says on the box…I don’t know what it says but to be 100% anything must be good). It has a great texture, it sinks in nicely and doesn’t irritate my skin.

It has a SPF of 23 (random) and is fragrance free. It seems to cover redness well and deals with oily areas (like my nose) well. It’s well priced at about £12.


On my skin:


And yet I’m not totally convinced by this base. I’d have no hesitation in picking it up and using it for nearly any situation but the shade is slightly off, and it clings to flaky bits on my cheeks too.

And you seem to get a tiny amount – it’s actually 30ml which is standard but it feels like there isn’t much. Maybe because it reminds me of ketchup and I like a lot of ketchup.


Worth a try if you want a liquid mineral base with SPF and also if you have yellow toned skin.

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  1. Shari says

    It says that the water is 100% mineral water. I’m assuming that this means that they’re using mineral water in the formulation.

  2. says

    I’m guessing the water they are using is a 100% mineral. It’s supposed to prevent bad skin conditions, too. Sure…