Shiro Cosmetics: Legend of Zelda Eyeshadows Review What Else Do You Need In Life?!

It was LondonMUgirl who told me about Shiro Cosmetics , an Etsy seller of mineral pigments.

Pigments? Who cares right? Every Tom, Dick and Harry sells mineral pigments…yeah but how many do you know that has a whole collection dedicated to THE LEGEND OF ZELDA, bitches, and POKEMON!

The Legend of Zelda made my life as a kid. I was that geeky kid.


Mr C doesn’t understand Zelda and I don’t understand Final Fantasy so I guess we are even. Can you imagine what kind of costumes our children will have to endure?

He’s dressing up as Link!

No! Squall!*

*If you understand that exchange then you too, are a geek.

Anyway back to the pigments! I ordered 15 (sorry I’m missing images of 3 pigments I will add them later but I can’t spend another day under studio lights).


These are the mini sizes – they are generous, so don’t worry about the quantity!

One problem I did have……was with the tape. A bit sticky so all of my pots have a bit of residue. It’s something I know the seller can change easily so I hope she does switch to a different tape or masking tape which doesn’t leave stickies.


Ok my shades. I got Master Sword, Triforce (gold!) and Likelike:


Triforce is a gold triangle which I personally first encountered in The Phantom Hourglass on the DS. They’re really have to carry…just sayin’. Like like are disgusting worm like things, like that thing from Tremors. I think all of these colours are lovely.


I got a nice selection of greens – Kokiri Forest, Rupee and Link:


Kokiri Forest is that dull mossy green which does actually look like Kokiri Forest, but isn’t not the nicest green as a shadow. But the representation is correct!

Rupee’s come in different colours now, blue, red, yellow, green. I think this green is too light to represent ‘rupee’ but it’s a nice shadow shade.

Link is perfect, a lovely rich green.

You can see from the swatches that these shadows have a lovely texture and good pigmentation with no chalkiness:


Three more random shades – Temple of time, Midna and Majora’s Mask:


Temple of time is a beautiful cool shade, Midna is a grey-blue with little light blue sparkles quite nice, and Majora’s Mask is a pretty mid toned purple.



I also got 3 brown/neutral shades, Deku, Ganondorf and Epona:


Deku is a sparkly beige and Ganondorf is a gorgeous rich deep brown plum. Gorgeous! and Epona (Link’s horse I think) is a neutral beige.



These are the shades I got some baggy samples of:


I also have 3 of the blue shades, swatches to follow.

*OK I got it:


Overall, I am happy with the shades I bought. To be honest I don’t use loose pigments too much, I just find them too troublesome for every day wear but these pigments from Shiro come highly recommended; quality wise they are excellent and the range is so cute, so well thoughout out and pretty.

View Shiro Cosmetic’s shop here.

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  1. Emily says

    I squealed when I saw the triforce on the lids!
    These are perfect for us Zelda geeks, looks like I’ll have to be making an order!

  2. says

    I LOVE Zelda games and I have a serious nintendo habit!
    Also a bit of a make up whore so this is great as I’m no gonna have to get the zelda collection and then there’s the pokemon………

    pass the credit card!

  3. Shari says

    “He’s dressing up as Link!
    No! Squall!*”

    Yup,I totally got it. What can I say, the nerd runs strong in my family. :)

    • Row says

      He says NO NO NO Squall all the way

      I think he once said we should call our kids Squall and Granola (as I call her) can you imagine? won’t be picked on at all