She’s Back!

My lovely little cousin, star of You Tube, has has become suprisingly demanding since turning seven, has made another video for all of you.

I left her alone to do the video and returned to find glitter all over my Apple Mac and bed covers and to find that she had done a face paint tutorial but not pressed record.

“Don’t press anything Megan”



Anyway I hope you enjoy, because now I have a load of cleaning up to do!

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  1. MandyPandy says

    I like the ‘butterfly’ pic at the end of the video. I don’t recall Megan as having a blue Hitler-moustache in the tutorial, though; she’ll have to go back and show us how to do that one. Too cute, nicht wahr?

    Meagn’s adorable and more importantly, she’s an ‘artiste’. How much does she charge for weddings and special events? Would she give group discounts?

    She probably won’t even make me buy $45 worth of makeup beforehand, like MAC does. Ugh, MAC!

  2. Row says

    Hey up

    Well Mandypandy – she actually did 2 looks, so the butterfly one was the one she started, pressed the off button and it didnt record but I felt her efforts shud be seen so Included a pick.

    Pm me for Megan’s rate card. She’s busy at the weekends though, too busy colouring in.

    Does MAC make you do that? I am scared of the MAC girls here, too terrified to let them do my bridal make up.

    *Not that I want to get married – incase the boyf is reading*

  3. MandyPandy says

    Can Meg fit me in after her 2pm nap session? I’ll pay in advance!

    Yes, the folks at MAC expect you to schedule a makeover in advance, at a set time, and expect you to buy $45 worth of stuff at some time during the makeover. The fact is, viewing their makeup, I can never find a MAC salesperson who I’d allow near my face. And aren’t they always giving makeovers for free, at their display stands? Isn’t that what they’re supposed to do anyway? I have more to say on it but I’m reserving most of my bile for the upcoming customer service post.

    I’m with you: I’m not the marrying type either, although I’m sure large amounts of money and/or a British passport could definitely sway me. Yeah, basically, I’m a mail-order bride.

  4. Row says


    If you want the passport, I have the men. Albeit 80 plus, and have fetishes.

    To be honest, don’t they do make overs for free. The amount of times I’ve sat for an hour at RMK, or NARS or Shu Uemura getting my make up done for fun. Its weird how they HAVE to charge you when its bridal make up – because brides just HAVE to be ripped off?

    But No I wouldn’t let them near me either. The ones on my counter are luminous orange. It actually frightens me. I’m scared. *huddles in blanket*

  5. Lea says

    OMG, Megan is too cute! I love her eye liner technique, lol. And the way she clean-up her mascara smudge, hilarious!

    She’s a pro-in-the-making! Go Megan!