Sheer Stain: Etude House Proof 10 Aqua Tint for Cheek and Lips Review

I am a fan of Etude House Proof 10 range – it’s a waterproof range (well the model on the adverts is always in her swimming cozzie!) and I am a sucker for things that last all day. I am also really into stains at the moment!

Proof 10’s Aqua Tint comes in two shades and I bought 01. It’s a sheer red which is really for the lips but I wanted to use it on my cheeks too so I did, I did!


It comes with a sponge applicator. Like most tint’s it comes in this bright red – I want something different like a hot orange or hot pink!

This is medium pigmented – more so than the more well known brands. You know how with some stains like Benetint, the colour pay off can be quite sheer? This is like a liquidy gel and it’s easy to apply and you only need on layer. You also get a bit more of a leeway with blending (on the cheeks).


On my cheeks…


I really like it on my cheeks!

On the lips – it didn’t take so much – needs a few more layers I think. It’s light. Too much may emphasize dryness.



Worth trying if you like stains – gorgeous for the cheeks and lasts pretty well to be honest. Haven’t tried it in water but it didn’t need topping up in an average work day.

I bought this from eBay, shouldn’t cost you more than £7.

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  1. says

    Hmm, I’ve tried all of Etude’s lip stain products and the most pigmented one I know of is the Fresh Cherry Lip Tint (especially in red!) and then quite closely followed by the Dear Darling Lip Tints. The sheerest is their 55 Kissful Lip Chou, but that’s really unique because it’s like a staining gloss. If you’re into lip (and cheek) tints at the moment you should definitely check them out! 😀