See Shells, Sea Shells: Natural Shell Lip Balm Review!

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, as far as lip balms go anyway, someone presents you with a new lip balm concept.

Shell Lip Balm is made from a number of natural ingredients (Coconut oil, Mango Seed Butter, Jojoba Seed Oil, Macadamia Seed Oil and more) – it also comes in a completely real shell, which is recycled and cleaned accordingly.

Each Shell Lip Balm comes in a pouch:

Shell Lip Balm Review

There are some very pretty designs indeed, you do need to remember that each shell is unique though so there may be variations.


Here is my Shell Lip Balm. First of all, it’s quite big – bigger than I expected, I guess I am used to puny shells!  I don’t know if I would carry this around because of it’s size, although it does double up nicely as a compact mirror; then again I would worry about it being bashed around in my bag.

Shell Lip Balm

To give you an idea of size, here it is in my (big) hands:

Shell Lip Balm 1

The lip balm itself in the shell I got is tasteless, colourless and has quite a typical texture of a balm that is made with natural butters. It’s quite nice, medium thick and offered instant relief to my dry lips.  It’s melted into one of the shells, so is quite uneven; no problem, but bear this in mind that it will look like this as each shell is unique.

There is a mirror on the other side which makes it a good keepsake and of course you can always melt more balm yourself into the bottom shell, or even a lipstick or cream blush (with a solid texture).

Shell Lip Balm 2

These are really cute lip balms; the product itself is not incredibly unique but the packaging is which makes it a nice keep sake, present, wedding favour etc.

These cost £12.99 each and there’s an offer of 2 for £22 (free shipping within the UK). Buy them here!

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  1. says

    I think this is worth it purely for the packaging, people would certainly comment if you pulled this out your bag!