Screw You!: Traffic Wardens

This is Miss Jocelyn, not a real traffic warden.

So today when my other half picked me up from work, we had a quick chat as there was something I had to sort out..10 seconds tops. Comes along a hatchet faced demon, yes, a traffic warden – tiny thing, resembled hitler, had terrible skin.


She says agressively. Actually, what I wanted to say, was this parking bay has been reserved for the company I work for so I can park here – instead I politely smile and all that whilst she stands INCHES from the car, and I mean inches glaring at me. So I glare back. I glare at her prune face and we have a stare off…bitch knows how to glare, she’s made a living out of it. So I decide to get out of the car and wait for someone – see she sees me open the door but doesn’t move.

I had an ulterior motive. I wanted to ram the car door into her – so I did. Can you image the look of death she gave me then?

Oh sorry, I said nicely.

Whilst the boyf circles the building another car parks up. This time though, she doesn’t order him to go – she radio’s up the city council to confirm if this nice man in his Audi can wait there – oh how convenient! he can! but 10 seconds ago we couldn’t!

Yes, yes, don’t worry. A venomous letter is being written as we speak – not that the council will do anything about it. Still, if I’ve learnt anything today, it’s if you feel that ramming a door into someone will make you feel better, then do it!*

*its a joke. Don’t ram the door into your boss tomorrow then blame me for it.

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  1. Gwen says

    I had a “Screw You!” moment recently too. I got a gift for a friend at Borders and had them gift-wrapped for me. After my friend opened his gift, we found the price tag still on! GRRR…isn’t it basic knowledge to take off the price tag??? Sloppy service everywhere!