Screw You: The National Lottery Alerts

Tut. You wake up on a Sunday Morning groggy. You had an argument with the other half the night before because he was being a selfish pig, and as a protest you stayed up till 7am. When you wake up you instinctively check your Blackberry to see what messages you got. You see this:

News about your ticket! - Inbox - _Yahoo! Mail_.jpg

Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god.

I won. I won. I finally won.

Since I am still in bed I start to daydream:

First off –

1. I’ll quit the day job.

2. I’ll tell the people on my hate list to screw themselves.

3. I’ll teach the boyfriend a lesson and buy him a HD tv – smaller than the one he already has

4. I’ll go to Japan and clear out the make up stands…

Anyway, I get out of bed especially, and it’s freezing just to go and check the lottery link through.

Oh yes I won alright.

My Account | The National Lottery.jpg


Screw you National Lottery! I don’t need an email first thing in the morning to tell me I have won a poxy £2. If it’s under £50 I don’t need an email, ok, you can just credit me. Or write me a letter. Or send me an SMS – with the amount IN the message. Just don’t send me an email first thing, that says ‘WE HAVE EXCITING NEW ABOUT YOUR TICKET!’ and then force me to log into your site – it gets a girl’s hopes up.


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