Screw You!: Skin Deep Beauty Salon, Manchester and bad, bad customer service

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Screw You! post…


Well, here it is. This one is dedicated to Skin Deep, a beauty salon based in Didsbury, Manchester.

I got the £2 for £20 worth of treatments for Skin Deep, via Wahanda on the 19th July.

So for a week after the voucher arrived in my mailbox, I tried calling the salon a few times. The first few times the line just rang and rang – the second time the line rang, then went to “This line is not in use”.

There was only ONE phone number for the beauty salon so I was a little bit confused as to why the line would be out.

I contacted Wahanda, who immediately forwarded me their email address so I could contact them that way.

This was on the 28th July – I got an immediate response from someone called Paul Senior- their Managing Director, saying that their phone line is working and that he would call me later on in the day at a suitable time. I of course emailed back to confirm this would be fine…

But the phone call never came.


I then sent another email with suitable times and dates (it was literally like, ANY day after a certain time) but I never got another response to my emails.

So I was back on the phone. I made about 16 phone calls – the phone no longer said there was an error, but still no one was answering the phone. I was trying in the morning, in the afternoon, then during the evening. You know when you sit by the phone and just call and redial? It was like that.

I got in touch with Wahanda again – who throughout all of this have been extremely prompt and efficient with helping me.

Then a member of Wahanda got in touch with (on the 10th August) the salon for me and I was told to expect a call later on that day.

Now – to be fair I did get a missed call that day, but when I listened the voice message that was left for me, it was some burly bloke saying “Ey up chuck, its Dave. Give me a call back soon, Trev, hope you’re ok.” – So I will presume that wasn’t the salon.

So back to calls. On the 12th August I made ELEVEN CALLS throughout the morning. I am not kidding. It hit voicemail over and over. Finally someone answered the phone!


I tried to book an appointment for a Dermalogica facial………

I was told (get this) that the therapist was going on holiday and they would be getting a replacement in “next week” and that they didn’t know what hours or days the stand in would be doing so they would have to call me back later on….

Did that phone call come?

Of course not!


What kind of beauty salon signs up for a hugely popular beauty deal and doesn’t have the staff to cope with the inevitable rush of people booking treatments?

What kind of beauty salon doesn’t have prompt, organised cover for when staff are going to be absent? And why is there only one therapist present that can do something as popular and basic as a facial anyway?

Moreover, what kind of beauty salon takes around 40 calls before they actually answer and speak to you? Why are they making it so difficult to just make a simple appointment?

A really, really, really lame one.

Sick of chasing them up now, so I give up.

But Skin Deep Beauty Salon in Didsbury Manchester? You seriously, seriously suck balls.

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  1. says

    This is really appaling. I alsdo purchased the £2 Wahanda voucher, two infact, one for my mum and one for me. As you know, Im in Manchester too, so this is the Salon that I’ll be using too. Fan-fucking tastic!


    • Row says

      I hope its better for you jo! I’ve been trying for ages!

      Its not like i’m booking something obscure, just a facial!

  2. says

    That’s the kind of thing that makes me fume as well! I can feel my blood pressure rising just from reading this post!!

    The salon didn’t seem very well prepared for the deal!

    • Row says

      Hi BS

      Yeah I have had to let it go over my head really….saying it’s only cost me £4 for 2 vouchers but still, I can’t believe this place! it’s like fort knox!

  3. Ashleigh says

    Eek! Thanks for posting this! Might save my voucher for a while then…was going to book the dermalogica facial too :(

  4. says

    i read this post and got all my staff to read it too…the customer is always right!!!!!thats all ill say
    a great account and a lesson to us all…im so glad i have great staff..why not try us out

    • Row says

      Hi Tracey

      I hope your staff answer the phone?!

      If people are interested in your services they can click on your name for a link to your site :)

  5. says

    Wow, that’s amazingly bad! I hope Wahanda have cut their ties with this provider and will be vetting more carefully in future. As for the salon – get your act together guys!

    • Row says

      It is very bad, seems like the Salon were underprepared. No doubt 100s of people bought the offer but I still maintain that you need a proper system if you’re going to take part in something like that!

  6. baby in a corner says

    i’d say the salon were going under, i’m seen this type of stuff before when a business is about to go bust or close down,they just stop caring and keep making excuses.

  7. says

    Hi Row,

    I’ve been made aware of your comments by Wahanda, and obviously would like the opportunity to respond to you in the public domain.

    Even though your feedback isn’t at all positive, you have highlighted areas that we need to improve on, and your comments really are welcomed by me!!

    I want to begin by saying that I totally understand your frustration, and am deeply sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you…. When I took my business on two years ago, it was always my aim to provide great treatments, at a great price by highly trained staff, create a friendly and relaxed environment and provide excellent customer service when people contact us. That is still, and always will be the focus of what we do at Skin Deep

    I’ll try to provide an update for you for each of the points that you have raised so that you can see we really are trying to improve what we do and how we do it all of the time…

    CONTACTING US: We had a massive response to the Wahanda deal, and combined with our own marketing efforts, demand for our services has increased incredibly over the past couple of months. Our phone literally doesn’t stop ringing most days, and this regretably means that we do miss some peoples call. We do have a message facilty and endeavour to call back as quickly as we can. We have also recently changed our telephone service provider which led to some down time, (which they assurred me wouldn’t happen!), hence your “number unobtainable” message. We are further upgrading our telephone system to alert us when we have more than one call at a time. This should mean we get to more peoples call the first time they ring us.

    APPOINTMENTS: I’m fully aware of the difficulty that some people have had obtaining appointments with us. As I stated earlier, the response to the deal we did far outweighed our expectations and it really did take us by suprise. I have spent the past couple of months recruiting additional staff, and after making a mistake with one, (who quite simply was not good enough), we now have three fantastic Beauty Therapists, Lisa, Lauren & Ros. We’re also opening an additional day on Mondays from 6th September to be more accessible when people need us for their appointments.

    A couple of people on your post have mentioned they wanted Dermalogica facials – unfortunately Lisa, our Head Therapist was away on holiday for two weeks in August and the other therapist at the time was not dermalogica trained – it’s really important to me that your treatments are carried out by people who are fully trained in the products they are using, and this is why the diffuculty arose there. I wouldn’t want to fleece someone and put them with an therapist who wasnt trained with the products they were using

    In summary – thank you Row for your comments – they are all valid, and valuable to me and my team at Skin Deep, and will help me to ensure that we do everything we can to ensure your experience is never repeated by anyone else.

    Thank you

    Paul Senior, Managing Director
    Tel 0161 434 2400

  8. liloo/tsunimee says

    “Ey up chuck, its Dave. Give me a call back soon, Trev, hope you’re ok.”
    = hahahahahahahahahah

  9. says

    Hi just logged on to get aprice list for skin so deep salon and saw your page and logged on. I have attended this salon probably 4 times now, i have never had any trouble at all contacting them and when i do they are so helpful. when i broke a nail they saw me nearly straight away, eg later in that day, I have seen ros and lisa for my nails and both are very nice and good at their job. I know the girls are being trained all the times in dfferent treatments and 1 is actually on a trainging sessuon this week! II know they have had previous trouble with their phones because yesterday paul was talking about the trouble they had had previously with a phone company. (ioverheard him!)as i said please give them another chance because nails especially are good! i had a voucher originally from kgb for £2.00 and would now go no where else! GIVE THEM ANOTHER TRY PLEASE11111

  10. says

    I too was introduced to Skin Deep (now Industrie Hair and Beauty) via Wahanda and I now go there often. The staff are very friendly and more importantly competent. I’ve never had a problem getting through on the phone. There has been the odd occasion where the line is busy and a message alerts the caller that the staff are aware that you are calling so I usually call back a few minutes later and they are always ready to respond.

    I would definitely give this salon another chance. The fact that the MD responded to Row’s comments and accepted there were teething problems demonstrates a commitment to quality service. I wouldn’ t knock that given that some might not even care about your comments or how your experience has made you feel.

  11. Lini says

    I’m surprised at the negative comments on this forum. I had a haircut and full colour last night by Miller, and it was by far the best I’ve had anywhere in this country (and I’ve moved around a LOT). Miller takes great pride in his work, has a gentle and professional manner, really listens to you and understands what you need doing, and never tries to upsell or cross sell. He advised me to get a full head of colour to make my hair look thicker even though I was open to highlights, and the full head of highlights is much more expensive. He was very thorough with his work, showed a lot of attention to detail, and I could tell he genuinely enjoys his job. It came out looking fabulous – I had no idea my hair could actually look that good. Miller, oddly enough, thought he could have done better and even offered to do it again if I wasn’t happy! Needless to say that was competely unnecessary.

    I was given some excellent tips on how to look after my hair and style it, and what products to use. At the end of the day, it felt like the guys at Industrie just really wanted me to happy with my hair – simple as that. Will definitely be going back!