Screw You!: Salon

I made a medium, albeit expensive haul from a few weeks back – some face mask, some new tweezers, random bit of crap that somehow added up to a small fortune. I was about to use the Korres Scalp Scrub today and…

Korres on Flickr - Photo Sharing!.jpg

I don’t normally check expiry dates but…

Korres on Flickr - Photo Sharing!-1.jpg

05/08? I do believe we are in 01/2009!

Emailed them 2 days ago and no response as of yet. I could of course, keep on pursuing this because selling out of date goods for full price too (£16) is surely a big no-no? I need to now go and check the date on the other things I bought from them – this could be a one off, but I thought a big company would have certain rules about getting rid of a batch once they are out of date?

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  1. says

    This company customer service is rubbish. They are not afriad to break the distant selling law even they send u wrong item and still refuse to refund u.”Evelyn” is the woman u will deal with and she is unreasonable and awful. The proccess of contact her is a pain and that company been setting up lots of rules to make it very unfair/unlawful for customer to refund. Even if u point out the long distant law that they got to refund whatsoever and they dont even bother to reply u just because u prove them wrong.Dont be tempted by their promotion, this is an online company to get rid with, really awful to deal with too.

  2. Missy M says

    Wow – thanks so much for your warning about this online retailer.
    And to other reader falancan, thanks for your information too.
    Most helpful.
    I will never buy from Salon Skincare.

  3. emilyjane says

    Oh no! I just ordered two lipsticks (from a recent clarins collection) and a handcream from them, thankfully they arrived in Germany a week from ordering with no problems (I’m not going to bother checking the date on the handcream, cos what’s the point now other than to annoy myself?)

    Having said that though I can’t bear even the potential for a customer service ‘mare so I won’t be using them again. I think their loss will be Zuneta’s gain.

    • Row says

      Hi emilyjane
      Oh yeah it’s hard to gage who to spend with there are so many cosmetic retailers! I have to say I used tried and trusted now and also those with a fair price. ANything else is a bit of a risk….