*UPDATED* Screw You! I hate Paypal so so so so so so much & Paypal are fraudsters who hold your money for 180 days!

Another day, another rant. This time Paypal is under the radar!

** I have just heard from Paypal.

They have refused to release the money to me OR to the sellers and will hold the funds for 180 days.

Let me repeat that.

They will hold this money for 180 days – that’s SIX months. We can count, Paypal. Saying 180 days doesn’t lessen the blow.

What I don’t get is, we are just asking them to return money to the original card. There can’t be any fraud committed surely, if the money is going back to whence it came. Why on earth do they need to sit on it for six months before returning it?

I will be pursing this as far as I can because they have NO right to charge our card, take the money, hold on to it for SIX Months THEN return it! What a joke! If they suspected fraud the money should never have been taken in the first place

Be warned everyone – if Paypal take your money especially with a new account – you may not get your money back for a long time OR see the goods that you bought. Both you and the seller will be left in limbo **

Oh well, I always wondered when my eBay addiction would stop – I spent a LOT of money with eBay and Paypal and this is it for me – I won’t be using their services again until they get their act together.

I’ve heard people moan about Paypal a LOT but up until now, they’ve given me little grief – I’ve actually liked the way they’ve handled disputes in the past!

My problem begins as Mr C tries to open his first Paypal account. Everything seems in order and he lets me use his account to pay for several items.

Then suddenly – an email saying that all the transactions have been blocked because his card needs to be verified…


Ok fair enough. They charge your account with £1 and you enter a special code that shows up on your bank statement – it takes 2-3 days. Security and all that.

There’s a few things that bug me though.

If the account needed to be verified before it could be used to it’s fullest why didn’t they state this BEFOREHAND?

I have ordered some things for a kiddies birthday and also for her goody bags. They take 2 weeks to arrive and with the current delays, they may not arrive in time at all.

On top of this, why didn’t they allow one or two transactions through, THEN block the others – all they had to do was tell me that further transactions would not be accepted without account verification, not take our money THEN block the account!

Instead, they went ahead with the transactions, charging the card then HOLDING ON TO THE FUNDS!

After waiting 3 days, the verification code showed up so we entered this, did more verification checks and I called their stupid international number to get the block lifted.

Instead, some polite but hugely unhelpful guy just told me to “watch my emails”.

Me “But I am kind of in a rush. I’d like to know what’s happening. If you aren’t going to lift the ban on my account then I need to find other means.”

Him “Watch your emails”.

I try sending an email to them later, only to keep getting a stupid error meaning my email didn’t go through – (HA! I COPY AND PASTED IT THOUGH – HA!).

Can’t call again, phone lines shut at 9pm.


I get another email later on asking me to send bank statements – by fax or I could ‘upload’ them to their customer services. Hello? Data Protection? Which part of that sounds safe? Are you the Queen? Are you Border Control? Thought not.

Guess what – I am NOT that desperate to use your payment services. I don’t want to send you private material to examine – we already did two of your verification checks so if that’s not enough – tough.

What I am peed off about if how I am now delayed (if they are holding funds, the sellers obviously can’t send the goods) PLUS, they are just hanging on to the money, nicely collecting interest? Who knows.

I have contacted them again today – basically I want them to cancel all the transactions and return all the money. There will be other ways to pay people, I just don’t see why they should be allowed to hold on to the cash with very little explanation of what THEY are doing with it with no consent!

It would’ve been a million times better if they just declined all of the transactions in the first place rather than processing each one and holding on to the money then making us work hard just to get it back!

Paypal – you suck big time!

How will it end? Keep your eyes peeled!

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  1. says

    I am hating that you have had SO many processing issues with orders you’ve placed online. I hope all of them – and this ridiculous Paypal issue – are solved without any further problems. Grr, this frustrates me FOR YOU!

  2. says

    Oh Paypal…it’s (sort of) nice to know that it’s not just my life you’re determined to ruin.

    Best of luck getting it all sorted!

    Chrissy xx

  3. Roisin says

    180 days!? do they really need 6 months to do whatever to the money.
    I’ve never used Paypal but best of luck with getting it dealt with.

  4. Karina says

    Get your bodyguard on to them! And by bodyguard, I mean your bank.

    Whoever your card is with, contact them and let them know what’s happening. They can cancel the funds or they can contact the people on your behalf and get them to release the money.

    Your bank has a business interest in whatever happens with your account, they cant hold your money like that, Get your bank to help you out!

  5. GrumpyTart says

    Paypal are the biggest bunch of shysters ever….protection my arse.Just don’t get me started on the run-ins we’ve had with them.

    Hope you get your money back ASAP, if anyone can, I know you can!

    What pees me off the most is that Ebay own Paypal and you have to offer paypal as a payment method when selling. Of course, what buyer would opt to pay via cheque or any other method if paypal is a choice? Grrrr.

  6. Kitty says

    Paypal gave my boyfriend grief when he had some hassle with a buyer on ebay. His account went into paypal debt and they tried taking the money out of his account without asking him first!! Which they have done before and made his bank account over drawn resulting in a bank charge. This time he saw it coming and told the bank to shut down any withdrawals, which luckily they did. Sorry to hear you are having problems too :(

    Kitty x

  7. Aleksandra says

    Do sick your bank on them, they have a larger chance of actually getting anything done. Paypal doesn’t pay attention to us puny mortals.

    Also, it would not surprise me if they charge you interest for having to hold the money–that is exactly what they did to a friend of mine, and she has STILL yet to get back about $500 or so that they owe her. Paypal’s customer support is fine if your issue is with a seller or buyer, but you’re SOL if your issue is with paypal themselves. I only wish it didn’t monopolize the whole pay-by-internet thing as much as it does.

  8. says

    You paid with your credit card through paypal, right? Have you tried contacting your credit card company. Since you didn’t receive the goods from the sellers, then there shouldn’t be charges on your credit card.

  9. Giselle says

    Ugh! I feel so frustrated for you! I can’t tell you the problems I’ve gone through with online shopping. I am the last person to be in a confrontation so just hearing about your issue makes me wanna strangle paypal lol

  10. says

    Wow, thats crazy! I am retweeting this from my boyfriends twitter (I dont have one). Thats crazy though, I am sorry to hear about this! Thats wrong! I wish I could just take someones money and have it for 6 months, and they couldnt do anything about it! I dont know where they are from, but where I come from, thats called THEFT! I hope you get it back soon.