Screw You!: Home Delivery Network

Generally speaking, most couriers are utterly useless.  It doesn’t take much, like, a doorbell, to put them off delivering an item to you.  There are some exceptions – Fedex seem to do what they say and UPS generally speaking.

Parcelforce, Home Delivery Network, Citylink, DHL, Amtrak etc. etc. I’ve had them all and they are all pretty crappy.

Anyway I was waiting for a parcel, with Home Delivery Network (once abysmal, got a bit better and now with Xmas coming up seem to have resorted to the, let’s pretend we delivered it business once again) pretty bogstandard stuff yesterday – happily tracking it and once it got to 5pm it was clear they weren’t going to bother delivering it.  Tracking the parcel, it said:

Attempted delivery at 19.16?  Er, unlikely.  Sounds to me like Mr Courier ran out of time or couldn’t be bothered, because there is no way delivery was attempted at that time, then just 10 minutes later, it was returned to the Depot.  No chance.  Because I am at least an hour and a half away, and that’s with moderate traffic.  To demonstrate how far away from them I live:

I contacted Amazon and as helpful as they are they can’t really acknoweldge that their couriers are lazy layabouts.

They must have an amazing deal with HDN since I choose super saver free delivery and yet a courier is bringing me the parcel and not Royal Mail = substandard service.

It’s so disappointing!  Now I have to make a number of phonecalls to get a redelivery, because I refuse to drive to the sticks to pick up something that should have delivered to my door.  HDN are also hard to get hold of, and they hide their phone numbers to prevent having a rollocking from unhappy customers as documented here.

So HDN – Screw You!

UPDATE: Very weird – as the boyf picked me up from work he saw a HDN van driving past and park up and he accosted the driver and demanded my parcel from him (which he handed over – I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing). It’s here now, apparently HDN are really busy so I’ll remove my screw you to a half screw.

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  1. Chica says

    Omg, I LOATHE the HDN – they are evil & crap! They never deliver at normal hours, they give you 0.5 seconds to answer the door to their really quiet knock ( I have a DOORBELL you morons!) but somehow have enough time to fill out their can’t deliver card( bet they have a stack already written out and don’t even have the goods in the van) and then they ignore their one phone so you can’t get in touch with them anyway.
    I try not to order too much from Amazon any more because the delivery service is so abysmal.

  2. Row says

    Hey Chica

    HDN are indeed one of the worst couriers, EVER. I believe many couriers do (and even royal mail staff) have their stack written and deliver them out to save themselves time. Its a shame as Amazon are runing their reputation by using them.

    I am still waiting for my packet! its out in the van AGAIN today and boy will I be mad if it doesnt get here again tomorrow.