Screw You! Hard To Find Records of Review – they suck

**UPDATE 05.05.2011:

I have sent 2 emails both have been completely ignored.

Have also called when they said the payment has been ‘authorised’ but yet nothing is showing. Quite frankly I don’t believe them. In my experience once I get a returns received email from a company the refund notice from Paypal arrives shortly afterwards.

They say because they have a business account so a refund can arrive at ‘any time’ – well I have a business Paypal account and any refunds I have to send are immediate.

Plus – I HAVE NOTHING TO RETURN IN THE FIRST PLACE! The delay for a refund should be zero. They never even had the item in first place.

If I sold something and realised shortly after I didn’t have the item in stock I’d be spending a refund asap – it’s embarrassing and unprofessional so it’s the least you can do.

Remember – Hard To Find Records = Ignorant and the worst customer service (if you call non existent customer service, service at all) EVER!**

I don’t know whats up with my luck but basically, I’ve been having some crapola experiences online recently! Without a doubt it’s put me off online shopping, at least from places that don’t have ‘real’ stores too…

Anyway directed by Mr C, I went to a store I had never heard of before called Hard To Find Records to buy a microphone for Saturday when I will be doing some filming.

The site looks very professional, so I didn’t think I had anything to worry about. The microphone was out of stock on some other sites but since had it in, I didn’t worry and paid for it via Paypal.


After the bank holiday weekend I got an email confirming that the order at 10.45. At 16.57 they emailed me again and lo and behold – they didn’t have it in stock. A quick phone call confirmed that they they would be out of stock ‘for weeks’.

So I ask for a refund – after all my Paypal refund is immediate so why can’t they refund right away? I know it can be done right there and then if they want to. No, says the nonchalant man, who makes me feel like I did something wrong, it will take 5 days for a refund (I know it is literally as easy someone pressing 2 buttons).

So now I am out of pocket and mic-less. And why should I have to wait almost a week for money to be returned to me – money which shouldn’t have been taken in the first place because the item was not in stock.

Guess what – my microphone (by Rode if you are interested) is still showing as in stock as I write this so more innocent mugs will part with their cash whilst Hard To Find Records ignore the very basic fundamental of running an online business – stock levels.

When will companies stop pretending they have something that they don’t?!

Have you ever had a similar experience?

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  1. god, they are such a bunch of muppets!! xx

  2. How annoying! Checking off one more online shop to avoid. They should be ashamed of themselves!

  3. Deary me, you really don’t seem to be having much luck with online purchases of late :( Companies like this, and ebay, need to get their act together, sharpish!

  4. Summer says:

    Urban Outfitters is the same, which you wouldn’t expect but I ordered and paid for a skirt only to get an email two days later telling me that they were out of stock and that I’ll have a refund within 5 days or something. It’s so frustrating!!!

  5. Quite shocked about this actually, I use HTFR quite a lot online and I frequent their store and usually they’re quite helpful ):

  6. Emilyjane says:

    I get this a lot from amazon marketplace sellers. I emailed amazon about it but all I got was a form reply stating the seller guidelines and saying that if I was unhappy with them I could always shop elsewhere. Nice.

    • Hi Emily

      I have to say one of the reasons I don’t shop with Amazong sellers is that I don’t know what’s going on – I don’t trust that people will just have things in stock – even if it isn’t that’s ok, but companies must refund asap! x

  7. Rickie H says:

    Just having the exact same nightmare with them now, they said they’d push the refund through today i have been waiting nearly a week already, its MY money that they should have NEVER took in the first place as the item was out of stock, it only takes a few clicks to refund by paypal so what they say is a load of rubbish…. will let you know what happens today…..

    • Hi Rickie

      I finally got my money back after a week. It’s disgusting – I know for a FACT the refund doesn’t take that long to process (how come other companies issue refunds right away and it lands in my account – granted, it may take a few days to get to my bank account but still). Nightmare won’t shop with them again

  8. I visit the store on a regular basis and personally find the customer service superb. Sure, stock levels on some items arent great and probably have to be re-ordered to demand with their suppliers etc, but who can blame them in this economic climate, manufacturers and suppliers simply dont have the product available on demand like they could 4-5 years ago.

    In regards to refunds, I’ve not yet experienced that side of the service but I do know Amazon and other online retailers state 4-5 days for funds to ‘clear’ into your account. I thought that was standard business practice to be honest!

  9. Rand McNally says:

    Check your facts please. I develop websites that use PayPal, and part of that involves pushing orders through the system. As such, I KNOW for a fact that SOMETIMES if PayPal see a lot of refunds coming from a specific account, they hold them for 5 days.

    • Even if this is the case (which I doubt) the least they could’ve done was offer better customer service/communication. Which if they did I would’ve been far more patient.

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