Screw You!: Don’t use Fastway Couriers, they’re really really crap

Let me get this out before I have my dinner or I’ll have indigestion.

So after loads and loads of trouble, I managed to find a business card company would would print some cards for me on the day and ship them out within 24 hours. I had to do a lot of research, make a lot of calls because not many companies will print that quickly for you.

Basically I have an event on this week I need a load of business cards for – as amazing as etc. are, they don’t offer a 24 hour turnaround service.

So everything went well after many calls to the company, cards printed, cut, boxed. They used a company called Fastway Couriers to deliver.


Hmm. Right away, alarm bells were ringing, so Mr C gave them a call in the morning to make sure everything was as planned, and that they knew we had a courier who is always there to accept deliveries. Mr Courier man seemed fine with everything…

So did they deliver today?! No! Of course not!

Not only did they not deliver, they didn’t even attempt to deliver (no card left) all phones have been turned off at the company. They have no depot, if they did I could go and collect. Nope – Fastway couriers is a franchise. I am at the mercy of the Mr Courier man.

How peeved am I?! After all that time, work and money that went into getting these cards ready it’s gone to pot because of some Fastway couriers can’t do what they are supposed to do: deliver stuff! Royal Mail would have done better. Home Delivery Network could do better, and that is like, a major diss!


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  1. says

    I used fastway for a couple of months, They started off OK and gradually got worse. Missing Collections, goods going missing, missing deliveries. late deliveries, never answering the phone, putting prices up etc, etc.
    I still have over 100 assorted prepaid bags and lables (approx £600)
    As far as I am concerned they are worthless now and so is fastway couriers.
    If you are considering using Fastway, Dont – they are dreadful.