Screw you!: Dodgy Royal Mail

It ain’t like this anymore

As if it’s not bad enough with the crappy exchange rate – 1 GBP = 1.47793 USD, people!!!  I’m getting screwed over by Royal Mail too!

Five lost parcels in 2 months.  From Thailand, Hong Kong, the US, Japan and Blighty.

Either I am just cursed, or someone at Royal Mail has exquisite taste in Japanese cosmetics.

Whilst I think that it’s inevitable that sometimes things will get lost, I think 5 parcels in 2 months is rather excessive don’t you?  I am, after all, single handedly keeping the company in business.

Complain to Royal Mail and they will just tell you to fill out a compensation form – I DON’T WANT COMPENSATION I WANT MY STUFF.

Any ideas? There’s a consumer action group of course to complain too but when something’s lost, it’s lost.

I swear, if the next time I see my post lady and she has poreless skin and a fine iridescent coverage of milky pink lipgloss, I will karate chop her ass.

p.s. please tell me I am not the only one with missing stuff?!?!

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  1. says

    Once, I ordered a blusher from Becca Cosmetics. The package didn’t arrive for several weeks. I used the tracking number to try and track the package, but it could have fallen off the face of the Earth for all the good it did me. I contacted the folks at Becca and they were nice enough to send out a new package with it’s own tracking number.

    Both the new package and the original (lost) package arrived at the same time, and the tracking numbers displayed that both packages had been delivered on the same day. But the original package was torn open and emptier than Daniel Lloyd’s head, and when I called the Post Office and ask what happened (as such a package would not be deemed deliverable) the woman told me that ultimately, it WAS delivered, so there really was nothing that could be done about it at that point. WELL WHERE THE @#$% DID MY BLUSH GO, LADY?!?

    To this day, the folks at Becca still think I pulled a fast one on them. If only.

  2. Row says

    Oh Pandy

    So you understand my woes! I have had refunds for 2 of the items, I am worried about a package I have from Ichibankao – its ususally like clockwork but it’s already been three weeks. I am even more worried about a parcel from the US as it cost me like $200. Grrr.

    If only the places in the UK are as nice as the folks in the US! it’s a totally different world- if you beg and beg and beg they might reply to your email. I’ve been sent faulty crap loads of times and they have the cheek to tell me to return in and cover the cost of the shipping etc. etc.! Rubbish!

    Did you every get compensation for the Becca parcel?

    That reminds me I sent a parcel to a lady in the US and it took 3 weeks to arrive ….fine except I had paid something stupif like £9 (for a very small light packet) as it was supposed to be a 5 day service guaranteed!! I’d complain if I had energy left.

  3. says

    No. The second package was shipped at Becca’s expense, and I was told by the Post Office that if the folks at Becca had taken out insurance on the shipment, then they would be able to recoup the money. Regardless of whether insurance was taken out, the Postal Service should have compensated Becca for the lost blush, as it went missing under the USPS’s watch, without so much as an explanation.

    It’s pretty shameful that the USPS would let an item that was sealed inside of a bubble mailer be stolen right out from under it’s nose, yet still deliver the empty, open package as if nothing was amiss.

  4. Row says

    Hey Pandy

    that’s disgraceful! That has happened to me before, they wanted me to send the crumpled box and what not to them only for them to ignore it! It’s a complete disgrace and I do wonder, esp now we are getting to xmas and lots of expensive presents and things arebeing sent through the post. I swear, once it gets to Dec, I have putting any shopping orders on the low cos nothings winds me up more then delayed/lost/stolen post :o/

  5. YZ says

    I once lost a swap package from the UK containing the fabled Shu ME945 :( Horror of horrors, I know!
    Luckily the swapper was kind enough to send me another backup of hers :) Such a sweet lady! 😀

  6. cargolover says

    My dandelion never did arrive even though I waited like a month for it.It’s my first ever lost package.Thankfully the seller refunded me so I’m ok about that. Hope nothing else gets lost. Mind you I’m not really expecting much in the mail. Lunasol package (the coffret!!-which I paid $20 less than ichi’s price for) and some MAC stuff. Hate it when mail is slow at xmas time!