Screw you! : Crap Service Top Shop Online

Top Shop has now taken over ASOS on the top of my crap online clothes shops.

I’ve not shopped in Top Shop for YEARS. Because although they do have some nice things, I find it horrible overpriced, when infact it’s quite similar to Primark, and there’s something about the store layout and 15 year old Amy Winehouse-wannabe shopping assistants I don’t like.

£60 for some Topshop Jeans? I don’t think so.

Anyway. I bought some bits – about 5 pieces from Topshop Online – £140 it came to. Three days later, I get a poxy email from them saying that the order has been cancelled because of a ‘possible alert’.

What alert? A security alert? A red alert? What?

If I want these items I can give them a call from 9-5 apparently and they will investigate.

Here’s a clue Topshop; its a bunch of CLOTHES, not a 5 carat pink diamond. If you have issues, then there are hundreds and hundreds of shops that sell similar clothes for less. Why does it:

a. take three days to alert me to a problem? Even ASOS will let you know within 10 minutes if something is wrong

b. why do I have to call them to fix it? shouldn’t they call me – oh of course! Don’t you know Topshop is all chi-chi now they have Kate Moss designing her stupid clothes for them? They don’t need business! There are enough people buying ra-ra skirts and leather pants (that will never look good on anyone over a size 10 – trust) to keep them going.

So I am not OFF topshop again. I’ll try you again in 3 years, douches!

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