Screw You!: Crap Customer Service at

Do not shop with these crooks!

I bought a Babyliss large 38mm curler 7 days ago and nada, nothing.

I am sick to death of people selling things that don’t exist, or that they don’t actually have in stock. Here’s a clue for you. When you are selling something, make sure you have it in your little stock room. If you don’t, you use this:


You see? If you don’t have it, then you have no right selling it to the general public.

My curlers are AWOL. Emailed these people at Luxuryhaircare FOUR TIMES and ignored. Oh I see, it’s one of those companies that don’t give a damn.

Now how do I get my money back?!

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  1. Ana Marta says

    Ahhh I´m loving your screw you series hahaha I feel your pain, truly! Related, I think Hqhair reads your blog because before your last rant they didn’t even tell me if the product was out of stock or not – it just appeared on the invoice, but now they email me every 3 days to tell me my nails inc polishes should be in stock again in 3 days haha they’ve been doing this for 2 weeks! I think they must have a timmer to send automated emails :-) But I’m sure it was because of your rants! So keep them comming, I always like to know where not to shop :-)

  2. Row says

    Hi Ana Marta!

    Good! I’m glad hehe!

    Yeah I won’t like HQ hair have a terrific looking site and a good range but they have screwed me over so many times!!! I am glad to have made a difference!!

    I’ve ordered a lot of stuff lately with it coming up to Xmas and out of 20 parcels Royal Mail have lost 3, but I’ve also had loads of crappy service!!! I can’t stand it!!! So many people shouldn’t own businesses!

    Rant rant rant!