Screw You! : Cafe Rouge Yuk

I’ve been to Cafe Rouge about 4 times and everytime either the service has been very very slow or the food has been poor.

Every year I give people another chance. So I went to Cafe Rouge for dinner tonight – I went for luxury. I had a 10oz Steak at a rather pricey £16 and peppercorn source £2. Yes!!!! A drizzle of sauce cost £2. Anyway.

Boyf had the same. Medium I asked for – I don’t do meat too pink.

So it came, my £16 steak, looking not very big and burnt burnt burnt to high heaven. To the point where I couldn’t swallow it – it was properly black on the outside and jet black in the middle. I tolerate this kind of crap from my grandmother (except with her its Chicken, which is slightly more worrying), but from a decent-ish eating place.

I ate it all anyway. The watercress salad was a piece of watercress and some fries. I can’t believe I paid £18 for that crap – the waiter was lovely though, but alas, it was a pretty bad experience like always at Cafe Rouge. Seriously, I haven’t had a meal this poor since….see, I can’t even remember.

Meal came to £30. Do you know that would buy me a really nice piece of make up?!

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