Screw You! Beauty Salon Horror

I’m not the sort to go to the salon for many things. I don’t do spray on tans or sunbeds, I don’t have time for massages and I’m not particularly…hairy, and the hair I have keeps me warm, thanks.

But I do like to go for a lash perm occasionally, and a threading session. God knows why because the last time I was threaded it hurt so bad, the tears were flowing.

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So off I went to the a place called The Brazillian Waxing Company in Manchester. Its located in a studenty area of town, so the prices are lower than say, the brow bar in Selfridges (why would I ever get threaded in Selfridges anyway? My upper lip goes a purple colour, I don’t want to look like I’ve been intensely sucking on a lollipop, thanks).
I have been threaded there before and the woman was BRILLIANT. Quick, professional, nice.

That was quite a while ago – so back I went booking in for a £25 lash perm and a £7 upper lip and brow threading session.

Now before I begin the lady who did it was nice. I am not saying that she wasn’t nice because she was very nice. If being a good beauty therapist was rated on niceness, she would be 10/10. But this is just about how I was roughed up, my face twisted and wringed out like an dirty dish cloth.

So she does my lash perm.

I have had a lash perm before and never ever has it actually hurt. Pulled a bit yes, but not hurt. Maybe I was spoilt as the last time I had a lash ‘lift’ the amazing Sue Marsh did for me.

Thumbs down.jpg (JPEG Image, 480x362 pixels).jpg

What was wrong about the lash perm?

1. My eyes were cleansed with a very alcohol rich cleanser. It could have been eye make up remover I guess, but it was very very very heavy in alcohol and made my entire eye area water. I know the smell of Isopropyl Alcohol when I smell it….

2. When sticking down the rod to my lids, she pressed hard. Hard, like, when you press down on your eyeballs you get that white spot in your vision? That hard. Continual pressure.

3. The lady got glue all over my eye lid and under my brow (made my eyes sore) and yes I could feel it dripping into my eye too.

4. She arranged my lashes on the rod with what felt like either a sharp cuticle stick or pointy tweezers. I am aware that some lash perm ladies do do this BUT I have never felt a sharp tool so dangerously near my eye ball. I kept flinching….

5. Then came the perming solution (followed by the fixing one). There’s a problem…in that once again I could feel some of the product seeping into my eye. I have had perms before but I can never actually feel the perming solution on my skin.

6. When taking the rods off….ouch is the best way to describe it.

7. Oh and there was no conditioning treatment (normally the third step in a lash perm).

So after this experience my eyes were red and sort and my nerves were shot. I was actually just happy I still had my eyeballs in tact and I didn’t leave some kind of one eyed monster with a cuticle stick poking out of my iris.


This is the bit where I tell you about how I could hear every single conversation going on in the reception area.

I could hear two screeching girls coming in and asking for matching muffs – “Something sexy” *cringe*

I could hear the two girls on reception chatting….(this is a real conversation):

Girl A: So my cousins daughter is ‘orrid, a little…you know that thing from Lord of the Rings? That thing?

Girl B: Oh yeah, the wrinkly thing (very well read is Girl B)

Girl A: Yeah well her little girl looks like that…

Girl B: Ewwww

Girl A: And her dad has a cleft lip…..and her mum, right….

Girl B: Yeah, yeah….

Girl A: Dresses like……..she dresses like a pig. A fat pig.

Girl B: Ooh.

(End of Interlude)

Then comes the threading….

Lady is a little bit rough. Ouch I think as she goes over the same area again and again and again.

2 days later and I still have lots of red angry bumps around my brow I don’t normally get. Not even the PBF vanish can deal with it, grrr.

On closer inspection, I have a few strays, and even worse, grazes on my skin (under my brow on my brow bone) and a chunk of flesh missing on the corner of my lip. There’s a scab there now.

3 Point Conclusion

1. Maybe we were supposed to have facial hair. Did you ever consider that?

2. Eyesight is more important than curly lashes

3. I really need to choose therapists based on recommendations in future

Got any salon horror stories? Tell me know in the comments!

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  1. says

    Wow, sounds like you had it bad! I was thinking of going to get an eyelash perm, I hate clamping them every morning, It has to be the most annoying part of my routine for me, so half the time I leave it and get eyelash ‘droop’

    I am always afraid to get my eyebrows waxed or threaded too in case they make them too thin or round them off in some way by accident, I like my pointy arch :) I made it, therefore it is staying!

    Loving your blog!


  2. says

    Hair cuts.. All the time. I have to wait 3 months for it to grow out for it to look “right”. I ask not to cut the bangs… SNIP. I asked for them not to use the electric shaver on the back of my neck. “Two inches for now”… 4 inches gone! EVERY TIME. The only time I had a decent hair cut was 2 years ago when my aunt cut my hair in my aunt’s living room. Too bad she can’t always give me a hair cut, we live in different countries.
    My second time getting my eyebrows threaded… one had a higher arch & the other was skinnier o_o
    What did I do wrong in my past life to deserve this!?

  3. Heather says

    That was the scarriest encounter at a beauty salon I have ever read! I think there should be some form of complaint filled–but let known that the woman was very nice, though.

  4. Mazzy says

    Eek! The only experience i’ve had that has been bad when I get my bangs cut. They don’t understand the meaning of 2 cm, rather snapping off two inches and making my face look blehhh.

    Hoping that you’re alright from that experience. Your blogs are always great to read!