Screw You!: get’s it wrong, again

I will soon run out of vitriol and get back to the make up stuff, but first I am to moan about

Additions is an online catalogue store that sells all the usual stuff, clothes, shoes, kitchen and household goods.

Whenever I order something substantial they screw it up.

The first time I ordered a £50 rice cooker. Within a week, the baby refused to turn on. I tried and tried, changed the fuse and what not and it was not working. I call customer care up and this was the conversation:

ME: I bought this Rice cooker and its broken.

Ok, we will send someone to pick it up, but it better be broken.

ME: Of course its broken, Why would I send it back if it isn’t broken?

Well if it isn’t broken then we will charge you for the courier pick up and send it back to you

ME: What, you’ll send a broken rice cooker back to me?


ME:Ok well – I need a working one, will you be sending a replacement?

No. We can’t get that till we get the old one back.

ME: Oh. How long will that take?

Up to 28 days.

ME: Er…that’s a long time.

I would advise you to not order a replacement right now untill we have checked it is actually broken.

ME: It is broken because I can’t turn it on. I’ve changed the fuse, I’ve tried different plug sockets. I’ve left it for 24 hours and tried again. It’s broken.

Well I would ask you to wait untill that’s confirmed.

ME: Fine. What-ever.

The problem is that people who do the checking of these kinds of things are ARTARDS most of the time. You know like:

Anyway it WAS broken and I got a refund and bought it from else where, but what a ball ache!

So I have a camera arriving today. Nifty little thing – wait til 4pm for some idiot to turn up with it THANKFULLY I open it to check – but wait the seal is broken.

I open it up and inside is a piece of paper from the factory which clearly reads RECALLED STOCK. There’s a number on the sheet so I call it – its a warehouse. A very nice man tells me that he works for a big UK photo company and that the camera I have got is infact a refubished, previously used and faulty model. GREAT! Order a brand new camera and get some refurbished crap worth half the price.

So back it has to go. Luckily this time the guy I spoke to was SMART enough to get another one out to me and arrange a pick up too – no questions this time about my integrity.

Will this go smoothly? I shall update. But Additions are now on my HATE list.

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  1. Chica says

    Oh.My.Fecking.God – they gave you a previously used & faulty model & sold it as new?!!!
    Mental note to self NEVER to order from these cowboys!

  2. says

    Yikes! Customer service in the UK sounds awful.

    I’ve finally found a US company with customer service so appalling it should just up stakes and move to the UK so that it can get away with committing fraud, legally. It’s a fairly good story and (depending on how it goes with said company) I intend to have a review up in a week or so.