A story about some stupid eBay retailer called Buy For Less Online – A Review

Girls, it’s been a while since I’ve done a screw you post so here it is, completely unrelated to beauty but there you go.

I purchased a toy (chocolate lolly maker) from these idiots called Buy For Less Online (catchy name) on eBay for my little cousin’s Birthday.  I won the item early and made sure there was a few days for the item to arrive in time for her party.  


A few days later it arrived…well, something arrived and it was an entirely different toy altogether – some kind of weird disgusting science kit (goo and all that) along with someone else’s invoice (nice breach of security there).  Anyway, a science kit is the TOTAL OPPOSITE of what a 4 year old chocoholic girl wants and needs!

It was a Thursday late afternoon, the party was on a Monday so I do a little FOR FECKS SAKE and quickly get in touch with the company explaining they had made a mistake and I’d return the toy but they needed to get one to me asap and there was a chance I’d get it on time on Saturday.

But no…they told me there was no way they’d send a replacement despite their mistake unless I returned the first toy.  I admit, this does rely on trust and I’d also understand if it was an individual why they couldn’t send out a replacement but this was a company with lots of stock.  I guess I am too used to the way Amazon work and how they send out a replacement right way if there’s a problem with your order.

I knew there was no way I’d have enough time to get a replacement item from them so I forked out more dosh and bought the item from Amazon instead (which is what I should’ve done in the first place). 

So all I had to do was return the toy and get my money back.  Here’s the thing, the toy comes in a relatively big box.  Royal Mail prices are pretty steep these days, especially for bulky items so I ask for a returns label, and they tell me they will email it to me.

Nothing arrives for days and days.  I decide to open a dispute on the resolution centre to make sure they keep to their side of the bargain – I write in the description exactly what’s happened so far and that once the return label is received I’ll happily return it.

But no – the nice people at Buy for less online tell me that because I opened a dispute I was not eligible for a returns label! Cue a few weeks of exchanges where I ask them to explain why opening a dispute on eBay (dispute makes it sound worse than it is, as far as I am concerned it’s the official channel to handle problems if the buyer/seller isn’t being very helpful) means that I now have to fork out to return an item which I never ordered in the first place!

Guess what? They have no explanation other than,  that’s what they do. No apology at any point for sending the wrong item out either!

Note: You have 45 days from the day of payment to open a dispute as a buyer.  This may sound like a long time but it isn’t especially if you end up waiting for weeks or an item.  If in doubt and say a seller keeps asking you to wait and wait don’t be afraid to open a dispute before the 45 days is up, otherwise you may end up losing your money.

At the moment we are in deadlock.  They don’t give a damn quite frankly.  I paid around £13 for the product so I don’t see why I should lose around £4 on postage to return something they wrongly sent out to me; if you send the wrong thing out you should always cover the return postage to get it back, no?

I am going to see what eBay will do about this – I don’t want their damn item but I refuse to cover the cost of sending it back! Argh!

Have you had any eBay horror stories?

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  1. Anon says

    Hi there, just to ensure you know, as I didn’t when I went through something along the same lines, you need to escalate this if the seller does not come to a agreement after – I think – 8-10 days of opening the dispute. Hope this helps and everthing gets resolved. :)

  2. Debbie says

    I bought from them just over a week ago, the item was a Christmas present. It arrived broken due to the top of the jar not being within the polystyrene. I was sent the following email.
    Could you please email me a photograph of the issue so I can try and sort this out for you as quickly as possible and without you having the hassle of returning the items to us.
    This I did and then received information to send back by first class post before anything could happen (No mention of what had gone before). Basically meaning that I won’t be able to get the Christmas present sorted on time AND I would have to use more money on first class postage which is what they insist upon. So I have to shell out more money when i’m beginning to believe they are not a trustworthy company.
    After asking why they so suddenly changed their minds I just got the exact same message about sending back with first class postage. No mention of the previous emails. This meant that I have had to go and find the item from a better company AND pay for extra postage to get it on time. So by this time I am well out of pocket already.
    I phoned them up and was dealt with rudely and told they didn’t have my postcode on file. They wanted my Ebay ID. I didn’t have it because I wasn’t at the computer, I’m beginning to think I’ve been scammed. I tried the number again and no one picked up the phone.
    I’m imagining I’ve lost the £30 I paid, Im not losing any more by paying for 1st class postage. What a terrible company they are.

    Ive left them negative comments, and email after email. I wish I could afford to just lose £30. Feel like a bit of an idiot. Massively gone off online shopping