Screenface Shadow Magnet Primer & Cremewear Blush Review

I really like visiting the Screenface shop whenever I’m in London – it’s like a little treasure trove although I do feel like a pretendy make up artist! A faker.

Screenface have their own range of cosmetics, which I admit I wouldn’t have picked up in store out of choice. I have a cream blusher and a eyeshadow primer to test:


First off, the packaging is plain – it’s black and certainly passable but it’s just not special or fancy. It is a make up artists store though so I guess this is not where you’d go for your gold-bling-crystal-topped cosmetics.

The blusher is called Crush and is a pretty rosy pink. The eyeshadow primer is called ‘shadow magnet’ and comes in light and natural.

The shadow primer, is a little light for me – I prefer something with more of a translucent finish or something closer to my skintone so it doesn’t look too ‘white’.

The blusher looks like quite a standard pink to me – nothing special in the pan.

Both of these products have a medium hard texture – they do spread quite well but they aren’t creamy.


Ok – for a blusher that doesn’t look very special, I think it’s a gorgeous product to use and the result is just LOVELY. No frostiness to it, just the right hue for me and is effortless to use leaving a natural glow:


I REALLY liked this cremewear blush – even though I still think it doesn’t look like anything in the pan, I can’t deny that the natural glow finish was effortless. I will definitely check out more of these in person because it was so easy to use.

The Screenface Shadow Magnet I have in light – I’d prefer it in Natural. This has a slightly – not gritty – but firm texture – like you have to give it a good few swipes to get some product off.

Then it reminds me of Too Faced Shadow Insurance but in solid form. It’s actually a decent primer that doesn’t change the colour of your eyeshadow too much and stopped my shadow from creasing.


It’s still not my favourite – I prefer a cream texture, but it does work. It evens out the tone of your eyelids a little bit only.



Blush ingredients:


Check out the blusher here (£7.60) and the Shadow Magnet here for £8.75.

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  1. says

    The cream blush looks great on you, really suits your skintone! I’m loving cream blushes recently, I think they just look more natural & glowy.

  2. says

    oh, that blusher looks lovely on you! Hrm, ease of use makes it sound like a winner. I like fool-proof cosmetics for everyday use.

    I always feel like a faker when I go into the stage cosmetics store near me! But it looks so interesting, I like browsing there.