Scott Cornwall Hair Dye Remover, Colour Correction and Enhancement Range!

I have had my fair share of hair dye disasters  and have often reached for the RUSK Eliminate hair dye remover which is a. expensive and b. hard to find as there aren’t many Sally’s stores near me (well the last time I went to one they wouldn’t let me buy anything!). 

They do a hair dye remover in Boots called Colour B4  by Scott Cornwall which works well, is cheaper than RUSK and is designed for home use (whereas Rusk is a pro product).

Well, soon to be released on the 21st May are some new products for colour correction and enhancing!

New hair colour treatment and enhancement products launching 21st May Inbox

This is veryyyy interesting indeed; there aren’t any other products that I can think of on the high street that does these things! In the range:

Decolour Remover £12.99 – removes unwanted artificial hair colour to reveal your natural hair shade. This product uses the latest technology and contains no ammonia, bleach or peroxide.


Decolour Stripper £12.99 – removes both natural & artificial hair colour pre re-colouring – allows you to change from a darker (brunette) shade to a lighter (blonde) shade, or add a vibrant fashion shade to your hair. With no ammonia.


Colour Restore £11.99 – revives and replenishes fading hair colour & tone without the need to re-colour. Wash in, use as frequently as required.  Available in three shades: Deep Red to enhance red tones in hair, Cool Ash to disguise orange tones & Iced Platinum for disguising yellow tone.

Shine On £12.99 – salon glazing technique for use at home, delivers dazzling shine that lasts up to 6 weeks. Shine On will initially be exclusive to and and is suitable for all hair types.

The colour restore in cool ash sounds like just what I need for toning down my highlighted hair especially as I am keeping away from hair dye for a while!  The Shine On Treatment also sounds great too.

Would you use this range?

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