Schwarzkopf Osis Refresh Dust Bodyfying Dry Shampoo Review

I hate having greasy hair, I think it’s worst than having a massive wart, so needless to say I am a regular hair washer.  There are downsides to this, like, it takes forever to dry my hair properly and it can dry it out!

Needless to say I have been trying out different dry shampoos because I don’t really like that many of them – some just smell bad, and some just look like…well corn starch. On my head. Hello, there’s a box of corn starch in the kitchen and its 500grams for 90p.

I prefer sprayable-aerosol dry shampoo that disappears and doesn’t need too much brushing through – hello frizz! I love Ojon’s.

And here is Schwarzkopf Refresh!

Oasis Refresh Dust Texture Dry Shampoo

They say:

The formulation is made up of Oryza Sativa Starch, a component derived from rice that has incredible absorbing properties. It soaks up hair oil and mattifies the hair shaft, making for bouncy and bright hair. The clean fragrance promotes a feeling of vitality and freshness.

So it’s still starch…but a special rice starch!?

First off this is pretty quick and easy to use – it smells fresh and not too obviously like dry shampoo (I can smell Baptiste on people).  It is supposed to add some volume and light control so it does more than absorb oil and it does give some oomph to the hair if you like that sort of thing.  I am not too bothered by volume because I have this poof on my head naturally…

So I have been using this when I have been feeling super tired, too tired to wash my hair and it works well.  It definitely needs a brush through, although you don’t have to worry about a bright white scalp like you can get with some of the cheaper dry shampoos. It also doesn’t cling on to dark hair, like some products do, leaving those fine little while fragments that look like frosting.

Schwarzkopf Osis Refresh Dust Texture Dry Shampoo

There really isn’t much else exciting to say about dry shampoo….it comes in a funky red can. There.

Oh yes – this also contains alcohol which is why I think it feels so light on the hair and disappears quickly, but note, I had a spot on my scalp which I had scratched and of course spraying this on it made it sting!

This is £9.25 from beauty bay. It’s dearer than the likes of Baptiste, but if you find that range doesn’t work for you because you find it a bit ‘heavy’ like I do, then this is worth checking out.

*Press sample

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  1. Jen says

    I may give this one a try as I don’t like the idea of people (especially at work!) being able to smell Batiste on me!!
    I tried the Bumble and Bumble coloured dry hair shampoos once…I must have been a bit too enthusiastic about the application because in the middle of my work a day a colleague (who happened to be a good few inches taller than me!) commented that I had a dark mole on my head!! My advice…spray at least 15cm away from scalp!!