Schwarzkopf 3DMension Men’s Hair Care Range Review!

Mr C tried out a rather funky looking haircare range for me from Schwarzkopf called [3D] Mension (geddit?) many months ago. 

I don’t know about the man in your life, but Mr C is not particularly disciplined about the products he uses although he does get a bit excited when I give him something new to try.  

He tried the Activating Shampoo, Mattifying Cream and Activating Serum Shots:

Schwarzkopf 3DMension Men s Hair Care Range Review

Mr C isn’t actually bald, he has quite a lot of hair but towards the front of his head, I’d say his harline is moving back a little (he points out his dad and grandad still have a full head of hair) but you never know!  I’ve never considered how I’d feel if Mr C suddenly developed a big bald patch. Would I buy him a hair piece? Use that fill in hair spray stuff? Just get him to shave it off?

The things we don’t have think about, eh…

The Activating Shampoo:

Schwarzkopf Professional 3DMENSION Activating Shampoo combines Panthenol, Taurin and Carnitine which work together on hair, scalp and roots to increase the production of hair growth factors and deliver nutrients to the hair follicle. Panthenol provides moisture for the hair. Taurin strengthens the scalp and Carnitine stimulates and activates hair roots. 

Schwarzkopf 3DMension Men s Hair Care Range Review

I love the packaging of this range probably more than Mr C who isn’t too bothered about it. He said that the packaging is good because when you get soap in your eyes and you are squinting you can still find it due to the lumo green.

Anyway he says that – this is a decent shampoo and felt that his hair felt thicker. However even though he doesn’t even use many styling products in his hair, he felt this didn’t cleanse his hair properly and it felt a bit gunky afterwards. Ergo, he would not purchase. 

Mattyfing Cream:

Schwarzkopf 3DMension Men s Hair Care Range Review 1

Mr C likes this very much – he likes how it doesn’t look ‘slimy or shiny’ (hence ‘Matte’) and can control even his very long hair at the moment without making it too floppy. He’s also had this for a while and it lasts. 

Activating Serum Shots – Start fighting hair loss by applying Schwarzkopf Professional 3DMENSION Activating Serum twice daily (up to one full bottle) sparingly on the scalp. Do not rinse. Use regularly for at least 6 weeks in combination with Schwarzkopf Professional 3DMENSION Activating Shampoo.                                                                         

Now to be honest I was applying this for him for a few days then forgot to – just too busy, too tired to keep it up. We’ll do a proper trial before and after with this products once we both have the time to stick to a regular daily haircare routine.  The period we tested this for wasn’t long enough to say if this worked or not. 

3D MENSION Activating Serum Drops

I don’t know if I believe these kind of hair growth boosting products work or not. My ma suffered from some bald spots a few years ago and she had medicine which was a wet serum for the areas and to be honest, the regrowth took time and a lot of waiting for it to get back to normal.  I am not sure how good these cosmetic based hair growth alternatives are.

We’ll see! We’ll get round to testing this hopefully, before the year is through!

The 3D Mension range is sold at Feel Unique – prices are reasonable, all under £10.

*PR Samples

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  1. joseph ZEIDAN says

    please whzt about shampoo scharzkopf against hair loss (i mean the last bottle… the tall one) & for this new 3 D Mension, can you put a good fregrance batter than present? Thank you. i’m waiting ur reply ::