Say what? Primark Concession in Selfridges Trafford Centre

Things I associate with Primark:

1. Cheap and cheerful stuff.

2. Horrible crowds of pushy chavs and women with buggies who push them into the back of your legs (I don’t do this I swear, my Bugaboo cost too much). 

3. Massive queues all day, every day apart from ten minutes to closing time when the staff suddenly start working five times faster.

Truth is I haven’t been to Primark for a long, long time even though I am frequently tempted by other bloggers’ finds – mainly because I can’t face the crowds and I don’t really have time anymore for going out to shops anymore. Also – I have been doing a huge wardrobe audit and the amount of cheap Primark tat I’ve accumulated and need to give away is shocking.  However…Primarni meets Armani in Selfridges…


Doesn’t Primark suddenly look all posh!?

This November Primark will open a concession selling the key pieces o the womenswear winter range – the menswear collection retails at the Trafford Centre Selfridges already.

This is a very interesting development and I’d love to see how the concession will be presented, what kind of crowds it will attract and if the prices will remain low. Even Selfridges can’t ignore how sucessful Primark is!

If it works, then great – I like going to the Trafford Centre as there’s free parking and it’s open til 10pm, plus the crowds are usually less rowdy.  I hope they end up selling the multi packs of knickers and socks too!

What do you think of Primark being sold in Selfridges?

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