Say No to Hauls

Boo Hiss. Was dying for the Jill Stuart New Eye Jellies, but the exchange rate, (even worse when Paypal calculates it) is so bad:

Send Money - PayPal.jpg

I am definately being more controlled (marginally) with my make up spending, but my overall goal this year was to cut down by like, oooh, 80%? Isn’t that the equivalent of coming off crack?

The credit crunch, it seems is making the decisions for me because with many international sellers accepting only Paypal (and Paypal giving bad rates plus their little golden bonus each time you buy something) you’re suddenly paying above the odds for everything. Therefore I will have to really want it before I buy it and even then it makes me say ouch!

Has the current climate affected your make up spending? Or have you always been sensible?

Moreover, what do you want from the Spring Collections? I am lemming the Jill Stuart stuff, Givenchy, Nars, MAC Hello Kitty and I generally like anything from Cle De Peau.

But it never stops does it…collection after collection….buy buy buy…new colours, new packaging….hauling will never stop. Why am I finding that prospect…dare I say it…depressing? Have I truly got Hauling fatigue?

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  1. says

    IDK, but I think most of the cosmetics houses have got ‘creative fatigue’: nothing they’ve put out has seemed very appealing, for some time now. It’s like the cosmetics brands realize that there’s no point, in this economy.

    Lately, I’ve been purchasing more drugstore/lower end/independent brand cosmetics.

    • Row says

      Hey Pandy

      Me too. I have to say I’m not madly impressed by drugstore brands but I do really like your NYX – its brilliant! for the price too.

      The japanese brands aer still quite interesting but I haven’t been hyperventiling over things like I normally do

  2. Elizabeth says

    The credit crunch hasn’t really affected me at all, I have no assests, I spend £14 a week on food from aldi and weap at how my rent is STILL more than my loan even though it went down. The only thing that upsets me that Magic bus put their prices up by 20p so I refuse to give them anything now, so walking from piccadilly to the depths of fallowfield to see the boyf is a cold lonesome journey. I have already expressed my views on the Hello Kitty situation, but I have a basket full of ELF (ahaha) delights that I can’t commit to. Even at £1.50 I can’t justify it…

    • Row says

      Hey Elizabeth

      Lol! It’s nice to have a fresh perspective on it all. I have been thinking about giving up my £7 a day lunches (I just have to have a nero coffee in the morning) too and doing one weekly shop and thats it. Magic Buses! I never rode on them I had some stupid pass so I could get any bus….Stagecoach was my preference.

  3. Elizabeth says

    A Unirider! Oh the freedom! I do like a bit of finglands action, though this year more people have caught on and so they are stopping and filling up to battery farm proportions. I just sit here at my desk looking at my oyster card waiting for home time.. Which is monday after my last exam so no love lost. Btw – where do you store of these wonderful goodies? I by no means have a lot but I’ve got crap all over the flat.

  4. Cargolover says

    You’re right about the exchange rate being simply awful. If you do want Jill Stuart Spring though I suggest you head to gooddealer as they’re ALOT cheaper than ichi. I spent $190 on 2 eye jellies and 2 blushes. And I could have saved over $40 if I’d have checked GD first =/
    I can’t wait for Maquillage Spring…I emailed Adam and he said he should have it by 3rd Feb…I’m looking forward to buying alot of the single eyeshadows and cream liners =D Oh and I now want that RS3 Lavshuca lipstick too.

    • Row says

      Hey Cargo Lover

      Me me me me too! I definately want RS3 and I want the Maquillage Spring but I will absolutely wait for Adam to get them in (thanks for the date) because he works out a helluva lot cheaper :)