Saturday Giveaway: Win a Max Factor LipFinity Lip Stick in Charming

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Wanna win?

Simply leave me a comment telling me:

Is there a moment you wish you could freeze and would last forever?

Me: Usually when I presented with a fab meal and I know it will be gone in a few moments….and I’m starving….or before I have a relaxing treatment, like a massage – it’s the anticipation, the waiting for the good stuff, sometimes better than going through the process itself!

One entry per person, open internationally. Winners chosen in 2 weeks.

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  1. Moments when I’m really enjoying myself like during holidays, shopping, spending time with my BFFs etc.

  2. I always wish my weekends will last forever :P but I think if the time will stop when we’re brought some super yummy food. that will be so awesome :D

  3. The look on my daughter and her partners faces’ when they heard the words ‘congratulations, you are husband and wife’

  4. Suzanne sendell says:

    christmas day as a child

  5. nadia mitab says:

    When I arrived in San Francisco 3 years ago to see family I hadn’t in a loooooong time, it was the best feeling ever and I wish I could have frozen it forever!!

  6. The night of my engagement, could have done with some lipfinity that night ;)

  7. When I see my 4 year old nephew laughing ! I just this moment to freeze and pray to God to keep him happy all his life

  8. When the boyfriend snogged me for the first time, he tried so hard to make it “special”. He had a friend cue the water fountain when we kissed. I loved it and I would want to make it last forever!

  9. Lisa Beaumont says:

    That happy content feeling of waking up in the arms of someone you love I wish I could just freeze that moment and feel it forever

  10. Claire slater says:

    sunday morning!

  11. Danielle Graves says:

    I’d love to freeze the time I have with my little brother because I know one day hee will be grown up and won’t want cuddles anymore :(

  12. My honeymoon

  13. That gorgeous feeling of butterflies you get during a first kiss.

  14. The moment when i spend my precious time with my family include my dearest grandma…?

  15. moments when I’m so happy, and content with the world. that bliss I wish I could hold on to forever.

    Also, the first time I hear a good song is really exciting.

  16. Rita McGuigan says:

    Wish I could freeze the moments now whilst my children are small. I soooo dont want them to grow up :( xx

  17. Julie Brett says:

    First date with my partner, with all the nerves and antcipation.

  18. Heather Shaw says:

    Family holidays to disney land. Its like nothing else is real. The magic is all that matters :)

  19. Lori Darling says:

    Johnny Depp – yep…defo Johnny Depp….I’ve got a big freezer

  20. I wish the that my now husband told me that he loved me for the first time could last forever!

  21. Pieter Johnson says:

    Parachuting over The Grand Canyon.

  22. lilia mcmanus says:

    seeing and holding my baby for the first time, the love and happyness i felt was amazing, out of this world. wish it could last forever x

  23. the last day of any holiday! how i wish it would never end! :D

  24. Francine Costello says:

    I only said this the other day to someone!! I wish I could freeze time because of the ages of my children now – 9 and 8. They are old enough so as not to be too demanding but young enough to still need me (and I know where they are at night).awwww, I know :)

  25. weekends are my favourite days, just relaxing without any kind of stress or madness, that would be the life!:)

  26. That magical time between asleep and awake when you’ve had a fantastic dream and reality hasn’t set it yet!

  27. Any of the precious time I had with my youngest daughters father before he collapsed and died he was the light of my life and those times are treasured memories even though it was 18 years ago.

  28. Andrea Robertson says:

    on our honeymoon with my fab new husband… on safari in Kenya.. in our lodge watching the african sunrise over the plains….

  29. Danielle Hodges says:

    When my fiance proposed on Edinburgh Castle on Christmas Eve last year

  30. Yolanda Barker says:

    When I went on holiday was totally gawjusly brown and slim.

    oh yes…

  31. Joanna Cummings says:

    I wish I could freeze the moment my fiancé proposed – it was on Dartmoor and the most romantic moment ever. Soppy but true.

  32. When snuggled up and comfy in bed – and just before the alarm goes off!

  33. I love watching musicals. Les Miz and The Lion King are two of my favorites. I wish I could freeze the moment when I’m watching them in theater. I just don’t want it to end!

  34. The weekends, then I wouldn’t have to go back to work on Mondays

  35. Every morning just before the alarm goes off, I wish time would freeze so I could stay on in bed! :)

  36. my dog when he smiles :) xxx he’s getting very old now. almost 13 and he’s a dalmation so he’s doing very very well xxxx love him to bits xx my lil mooky moo (real name milo) xxx

  37. My wedding day! All of it! Best day ever.

  38. Heather Walsh says:

    When i was finally handed my baby daughter as i was very unwell after having her and couldn’t see her until the next day.

  39. Getting wed in Brazil – the greatest event of my life.

  40. when my husband and i performed our ‘first dance’ at our wedding and it turned from a sloppy slow dance to a montage of silly songs such as the birdie song and grease and the faces of all our guests looking at us in dismay!

  41. Sajeda Patel says:

    When you are at the airport about to set off on holiday abroad. I love the anticipation of a brilliant holiday – I wish I could freeze that moment forever.

  42. The moment I passed my driving test! It was a long time ago, but I can still remember the elation and huge sense of achievement. I went in to work grinning like an idiot, I just couldn’t help it.

  43. caroline james says:

    It sounds corny, but the first time I looked at my daughter was amazing. I could not believe we created such a beautiful thing. I still look at her now 8 years later and can’t believe how lucky we are.

  44. Grace Johnson says:

    When my sister was born

  45. elaine taylor says:

    celebrating my husband’s birthday on a canal side in Venice

  46. Lisa Ellison says:

    The day before my 23rd birthday I went shopping with my mum, it was the last day out that we had together, within 6 weeks she was diagnosed and died of lung cancer. I wish I could go back to that day and live it forever.

  47. No… because if it lasted forever it wouldn’t be special any more.

  48. couldnt think of any one thing at the moment……

  49. The minute before my alarm is due to go off on a morning – then I could stay in bed longer!

  50. Jeanette Davies says:

    The moment my daughter was born and they laid her on my chest, ( I’d rush through the 36 hours before that though!)

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