Saturday Giveaway: Win a Max Factor LipFinity Lip Stick in Charming

If you wish your lipstick lasted longer, like I do, then you need Max Factor Lipfinity. This dual sided product has a pigment on one side and a balm on the other so you can keep your lips hydrated. Charming is a really pretty natural pink with some sparkle.


Wanna win?

Simply leave me a comment telling me:

Is there a moment you wish you could freeze and would last forever?

Me: Usually when I presented with a fab meal and I know it will be gone in a few moments….and I’m starving….or before I have a relaxing treatment, like a massage – it’s the anticipation, the waiting for the good stuff, sometimes better than going through the process itself!

One entry per person, open internationally. Winners chosen in 2 weeks.

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  1. Every moment in life I cherish and try to remember to keep with me forever.

    But right now I’m lounging on the sofa, with a cup of coffee, my three children playing together well my other half is coming home from work. We have our health and each other so for me…….

    I’d take THIS perfect moment and keep it forever

  2. Ooooo another giveaway 😀

    I have wanted to try this product!! But no money D: SO entry timmme

    The moment I wish I could freeze and make last forever is the last night I am with my boyfriend before I have to go back home. I wouldn’t mind spending eternity snuggled up with him so I would never have to leave him!!

    Kitty x

  3. The feeling of a really good new haircut and colour -I’d freeze that in time, as it feels so good.

  4. Alexandra Cunningham says:

    flying my own plane, free as can be. Just leaving the runway not knowing the unknown.

  5. caroline matthews says:

    The first moment I held my son

  6. christina miles says:

    The moment my fiancé proposed to me

  7. Christine Northrop says:

    My first glimpse of my children when they were born, it is something that satys with you forever and each time it is different.

  8. FionaLynne Edwards says:

    The first time I held my daughter in my arms. I was messy, tired and in pain but it was a beautiful moment!

  9. Angie Allen says:

    would love to win this

  10. my wedding day

  11. Yes the day I got 180 on the dart board and my husband didn’t see it.
    He’s given me ear-ache ever since saying that it didn’t happen

  12. Any moment of happiness! Like unwrapping a new package, eating something yummy and just moments of laughter :)

  13. Most definitely the moment of the first kiss between me and my bf :)

  14. jackie hutchinson says:

    paddling in the water with my hubby in a crystal clear water at cornwall on my recent holiday

  15. The moment I would freeze is when my new baby daughter was put in my arms for the first time and that heart tugging rush of love came (after all the pushing)

  16. I would freeze my stay on the show Deal or no Deal. It was the most amazing experience with wonderful people who will be friends for life…& I won £16,500 too so can’t be bad!

  17. Christmas Eve – the presents all wrapped up, are far more exciting than the contents and a pile of wrapping paper!

  18. Jill Ann Mann says:

    My 2 weeks holiday abroad every year

  19. Something from my Uni times, definitely, as I’m now going into my last year and it’s been amazing and I really, really don’t want it to end!

  20. You know what, I am going to totally agree with your answer there. I just like to savor the moment of me eating a fantastic meal and hoping it wouldn’t end. LOL certified glutton here. ;D

  21. Linda Knight says:

    Last week, the moment I held my grand-daughter for the very first time, when she was just 6 hours old! Magic!

  22. Astrid James says:

    My first scan when I was pregnant with my daughter.

  23. ruth duggan says:

    I wish I could freeze the moment of the last day with my mum before she died. Then she wouldn’t be gone.

  24. The priceless look on my e-husbands face when I told him I knew he was sleeping with my sister. I will treasure it forever ! :)

  25. The first time my husband and I looked at each other and had made eye contact.

  26. You know that moment on holiday when you’re just sitting outside in a cafe and basking in the sun without a care in the world, people watching….that is the moment I would freeze :)

  27. June Munday says:

    The day and time I actually win one of the competitions I enter! Wow that would be amazing to receive a nice prize.

  28. Mmmm definately that feeling when you’ve had a tough day at work, you’ve rung ahead to ask your partner to run you a bath and you first sink down in said bath… Its like all the stresses of the day disappear into the water.

    I love adding some scented candles and essential oils to a bath, but when work has been that tough it doesn’t matter – the warm, comforting feeling of the water is all you need!

  29. yes, i definitely have those moments!
    like, when im in a rollercoaster; you first have to wait in line for like, half an hour or something and then, if you finely get in it, its over in just a second.
    so, yes, i definitely want to froze those moments!

    xoxo celine

  30. when I am watching a funny film with my young kids

  31. Julie Taylor says:

    My wedding day.

  32. The moment I would freeze would be the last Christmas dinner. The whole family were together after many years. It was a fantastic night.

  33. Stephanie Cummins says:

    Is there a moment you wish you could freeze and would last forever?

    ohh it would have to be this summer whilst walking on the beach in spain, walm night with some chunky chocolate ice cream….just after eating a gorgeous meal. bliss

  34. I think of the moments I would love to have frozen forever would be when my family is together. My older brother no longer lives at home, he actually lives and works in another country and visits maybe twice a year. Those times when we’re together as a family and just laughing together as we did when we were younger, really makes me wish I could freeze that moment and just savor it. Knowing once I graduate from college and move off on my own, these family moments won’t be as common, so I really want to treasure as much time we have together.

  35. 6 years ago we had a holiday in Australia. One Saturday night we went to Mon Repos Beach and watched the baby turtles dig their way out of the sand and scurry down to the sea. They were tiny, smaller than the palm of my hand and we were permitted to hold one. The strength in their little flippers was surprising. The females would not come ashore again for at least 30 years. The males would never come ashore again. Even at nearly midnight it was hot and humid, yet the experience was magical (apart from being bitten to pieces by sandflies!)

  36. Sound cliche but I want to freeze the moment my daughter smiles :)

  37. I’d love to freeze that moment in time where your kids have just realised what christmas is all about and that special look on their faces as they enter the livingroom on christmas morning. Totally priceless.

  38. yes :-)

  39. Linda Osborne says:

    Watching Dirty Dancing at the West End

  40. tousledkitten says:

    When I collapse into bed exhausted and start to drift off to sleep.

  41. The Moment I met my OH and he gave me the most amazing spine tingling kiss, it still makes me smlie now (it was 8 years ago)

  42. Alice Matthews says:

    walking out of the maternity ward with my baby daughter in my arms.

  43. My grandchild’s smile should be packaged in aid of world peace.

  44. Andrea Doherty says:

    That very brief 2 hr period when Blackpool FC were top of the English Premier league!

  45. hmmm…..
    When i wake up on a sunday morning under my bed covers

    smells nice and its soooo comfy :)

  46. nicola hudson says:

    It would have to be a friday when work has just finished and the weekend has just begun. It is the moment that I look forward to every week.

  47. Calista 101 says:

    Gosh, there are so many moments. But the one that really stands out was when my mother, sister and I had a girls night out. My dad is the only guy in the family (poor him!) so we decided to ditch him that night and go out to this really fancy restaurant.

    We spent the whole day preparing for it, getting dressed up in posh frocks and carefully applying makeup and nail polish – so much fun! And the food was amazing at the restaurant. I still remember I had a the best chocolate mousse for dessert.

  48. rebecca lemin says:

    The day my twin girls came home from hospital aged 18 weeks old

  49. the first time i laid eyes on my boyfriend :)

  50. I wish i could freeze 6pm on a Friday night, It’s the moment I walk through the door at home and I have the whole weekend ahead of me!!