SASA or not to SASA?

SASA is a Hong Kong based shop that sells all kinds of wonderful beauty, skincare, haircare goodies and more.

The website is a real treasure trove of goodies at low prices – you kind find great beauty tools (really sharp scissors, tweezers, curlers for example) for about £2.

However – I filled my basket with treats then realised – customs.

I have very little doubt that customs will catch anything over $30 and they keep a big eye out for companies like Strawberrynet / SASA. Its a shame because theres so many cool little bargains but I can’t risk getting whacked for £20 or so. Writing gift on the front of the packet makes no difference, and SASA don’t refund customs as Strawberrynet do.

I am tempted to split my orders because at £3, the shipping is not too dear. But then do I really need nostril hair trimmers THAT badly?!

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  1. Nic Nic says

    Omg i paid about £9 of custom to my recent order to some really cheap stuff, and it was just over £17.. not shopping there unless it’s the actual store! >_<

  2. R says

    Yep yep nic nic!

    £16 is the threshold and your comment has made me realise – they are STRICT as hell!

    My order is exactly $31.20p. So, thats £15.60. So I shouldn’t get customs on it as long as SASA don’t round it up to $32! Its no joke if I have to pay customs I will be furious! I even emailed them and said make sure you write the CORRECT value on!

  3. Chica says

    Holy crapola – I’ve just put an order in for Everyday Minerals that with postage takes it to $31.79
    Eeeeeeeek. *crosses fingers & toes*

  4. R says

    Hey Chica!

    What did u get!!!!!!! I am in ur shoes too, mine is errr $31.40 I think. Its pot love now my love! down to the gods!

  5. Chica says

    I’m terrified O.o
    I just restocked my foundation and bought a couple of kabukis. My lilylolo one has gone really weird – no matter how many times I wash it, it smells like….my hamster.
    Never had that with a brush before so I’m chucking it!

  6. R says

    Hey Chica

    I tried out lilly lolo years ago but I didnt really like it..infact Im not a big fan of mineral make up.

    The first brush I ever bought was from the body shop – I washed it and all the hair fell out and it stunk! I took it back and they were like – ur NOT supposed to wash it!

  7. Chica says

    They said you’re not supposed to wash it? Eh? I thought you HAD to wash em.
    Hmm, have to agree Lilylolo haven’t been that impressive but I really like EM – I’ve never been a fan of liquid foundation though so I just switched from pressed powder with 10,000 ingredients to loose powder with 4 :)
    All my friends who use liquid won’t switch because you don’t get the same coverage.