SASA Haul – Heel Razors, Tomato Masks and Acne Powder

I’m not a regular at SASA for Asian cosmetic related goodies. Perhaps because I think it isn’t that cheap and a lot of what they sell can be found on other stores and Ebay. However, I can’t fault the speedy and efficent service and the well packaged boxes that reach my desk. You can get some really cheap interesting goodies there too. I personally avoid spending over $30 because SASA always declare the value and anything over $30 (or £16) arriving in the UK is just asking for a big fat customs fee. Especially as they know to look out for certain companies, like SASA, Strawberrynet, so be warned first.

If you are a new customer you get free shipping and some samples too….

Here’s the very random haul I made –

AC Medic concealer. Never heard of AC before and thought this product could be a good shader/highigter product. If fact both colours are much lighter than in the pan. The light shade would work under the eyes and the darker would work as a face concealer, on my NC30 skintone.

I thought this would be a throwaway product. In fact its a lovely conceler – nicely opaque to cover flaws, creamy and suprisingly light in texture and easy to blend away.

Also from the same brand I found this night time powder. Its white and looks like talc, and smells nice. It’s supposed to be applied after cleansing and left on through the night. Its an Acne powder so I presume it keeps spotties at bay.

I’ve only been using it for a few days so I can’t tell if its any good. It makes my skin feel a bit dryier in the morning but I have been spot free.

For some reason I bought a little lash curler even though my experiences with the heated types of curler have been mediocre:

It was only a pound or two – I remember the first time I bought some Japonesque ones for about £15 years ago – I was so disappointed! For straight, short Asian lashes like mine, we need a clamp, no kidding. However, some heated curlers after mascara and curlers can give it a boost.

This curler though cheap is very good. It has 2 heat settings, High and er, very high. Its very small which I really like – the size of mascara so you can take this out no worries. I like it! It added a little boost today to my curled lashes and a bit of lift.

I got 2 packs of this Shiseido cool powder – one in Baby Powder and Raspberry. I thought it was deodorant. :o/ Seriously! It looked like it in the photo but it looks more like wet wipes to me:

Raspberry scented facial wipes perhaps?

I also got a Heel Razor-

My heels aren’t do bad, but a little dry like most people’s. This thing is AMAZING. AMAZING. I was a bit scared of using it at first because…well its called razor. I don’t want to razor skin off. Luckily its fairly blunt edged, and I got a little bit too addicted and took away a lot of hard skin on the heels. In the end they felt smooth and soft, and ready for some heel balm or cream. LOVE this product, don’t know why they don’t have it on the UK market instead of all that heel balm moisturizers which just can’t perform miracles without a little help.

Finally I got 2 pots of face masks – tomato and grape:

This is from the Korean brand, Cosiline – Grape is anti aging, Tomato is whitening and anti blemishes. There’s also Honey which is moisturizing and Strawberry which is a general use one. These are Yoghurt packs, so are creamy and non drying types.

I’m not one for sheet masks cos I don’t like looking like a burns victim (scares the kitties) and I like to sit up and do stuff while I have a mask on and sheet ones fall off. So this is jolly nice.

All that stuff for around £15! Not bad Cecil!

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