SANA Mascara – For Kimberlygem

A MUAer asked about my favourite mascara, which I said is SANA’s (a Japanese brand) Big Lash mascara.

I have a ton of mascaras! The one that got me started was Shu Uemura’s length and waterproof -it was the only mascara I had ever tried at that point that made my lashes curl and didn’t run.

Since then I’ve aquired quite a collection! I do love Japanese mascara’s because they are SUPER waterproof (Maybelline and Loreal waterproof mascaras run on me) but that means they are a bugger to get off, and they are also better at holding curl – I tend to find that the formulas are lighter which may be why. Infact recently I bought the Lancome Virtuoise mascara, its selling point being that it holds curl and it was flop city for me. I actually think Shiseido lash base and YSL Faux Cils which is a HEAVY oily mascara holds curl better than the Lancome one…

Anyway – my point was, I love SANA because it 100% holds and enhance curl and really lengthens yet the fibres do not irritate or get into the eye (I cannot use Deja-Vu Fiberwig which is also fibery but it gets straight into my eye.)

So here is my (very red) eye with no mascara. A very sad set of short, non curl lashes:

One light coat:

Two quick coats:

From the side:

The product so you don’t get confused!:

Some people have divine long lashes but remember that my lashes have zero definition, and has NO curl, does NOT hold curl well and is short and stubby so to have long difined lashes is difficult so this mascara gets a gold star from me!

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  1. kimberlygem says

    Oh thank you so much for posting this! This mascara definitely looks like one I need to try. Off to ebay to find one…
    Thanks again!

  2. RF says

    Hi Kimberley

    Finally got round to it! They used to sell it at Adambeauty but they don’t seem to have it – I found it online for about £5 so hopefully you can locate it where you are!