SANA Make Essence Concealer

Ok, ok I admit it.  I wanted this product badly because there’s a sleepy bear on the front.

SANA is a Japanese brand with some real gems in its collection.

This is one of them – oh yes.

I’ve tried quite a few random dark circle goods from Japan; and I disliked most of them.  A good undereye concealer should be brightening but ot racooney, moisturizing and not drying, not cakey, not fake looking, and doesn’t sink into lines.  Yeah, that’s all.

So anyway, the bear.  Isn’t it cute?

This is a pale yellow:

The texture of this stuff is GORGEOUS!  Its a lightweight yet opaque cream that is moisturizing but very brightening.  I wasn’t expecting that – I thought it would be a medium textured cream, like SANA’s pore putty but this is perfect, perfect, perfect for under the eyes.

You place 3 dots under the eyes and blend – it is easy to blend harsh lines away too.  Gorgeous!

Price is approx £7.  I love this product, recommend it very much – and there’s a cute bear on it!

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  1. says

    Oh my GOD, that is so cute!! I want one!!

    I live in the US though, so I have no idea how I could get my hands on one of those. :(

  2. Tess says

    Hi, I really enjoy reading your site, especially the reviews 😀

    I was wondering, where can I buy this concealer?

    Thanks for your help!


  3. says

    Oh wow, I need to try this! I was on checking out their new products, saw the adorable bear and had to find out more about it. Can’t wait to try it : )Love your site!

  4. Row says

    Hi Jen!

    I asked Kelly of Ichibankao to add it cos so many girls were asking for it – its really worth a go, its not OTT at all. Thankyou for reading :)

  5. says

    Gosh….I’m so on the fence about this product…I have to admit, the JDM bear is super kawaii…but I just read a bad review on it…now yours is a good one…decisions, decisions! But thanks for posting your take on this product. =)

  6. Row says

    Hi Diana

    It totally depends on what you want in a concealer! I personally hate anything too heavy and thick under the eye. I prefer something light and moisturizing so even though some shadow is still visible, I prefer it because its more natural – after all we do have a slight shadow under our eye! I find concealers that are too thick and cover all the shadow too unnatural and racoony – for my medium dark shadows this concealer works well but if you want something really thick then this product isn’t it! :)