SANA Eyeliner & Eye Pencil Duo

Sana is a underrated Japanese brand, who so far have made my favorite mascara in the world and some excellent eyelash curlers.

I decided to give this cute pencil a try – it has a black liquid liner on one side, and a white pencil/crayon on the other:


What I love is the true blackness of the liner. It is a REAL deep black, with the texture almost of a inky felt tip. Once dried, it does not smudge. Also the tip is so fine that it lines perfectly – I personally find pen liners are a million, million times easier to use than conventional liners with brushes. Everyone knows how to use a pen, right?

The white side is crayon like. You need to warm it a little then it really lasts all day. The white if for the waterline and corners of the eyes (to highlight). You can also get this with a black crayon and a pink one.

This cost me $11, which is only £5.50. The quality is excellent – I really think a lot of Japanese brands have got smudgeproof liners mastered. You will find this pencil a revalation if you find liquid liners hard to use.

You can buy it here.

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  1. choibokiu says

    that quad looks gorgeous! urgh, and I’m also a sucker for packaging which does not help…

    “is broke, is broke, is broke…” =P