SANA Extra Thick Liquid Eyeliner

SANA has a rather nifty eyeliner, which gives you thick a thick liner a la Amy Winehouse-

The brush resembles a slightly flattened Calligraphy brush. For that reason it does give a thicker line but it depends very much on how you hold it.  Just use the tip and you will have a thin line. Hold it flat on the wide angle and you will get a thicker line.

It gives a very true shade of black and isn’t refillable (I like my refillable liquid eyeliner!).

I loved the idea of this product.  I pictured a felt tip,  a thick black brush, like the one you lent to everyone else at school to do their outlining and it came back squished and barely working.  Get away from my Keroppi pencil case! Get your own felt tips you cheapskates!

Anywayyyy…the brush is nice but its not as dynamic as I though it would be.  I would have liked an all out unashamedly wide shaped brush but this one still has that precise Japanese tip that gives a fine line.  To get a truly thick line I think you would have to go over it twice…which is what I would do with a normal eyeliner anyway.

I do like this and its only £7 approx.  But its not as thick as you may think, and you can certainly duplicate the effect with any other liquid liner.

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  1. says

    Hey, I’ve read so much about SANA recently, I’ve seen them in HK, I want to try them but not sure where to start..thanks for the reviews

  2. Row says

    Hey Nikki!

    They have so much stuff! I like Pore Putty concealer as an eye base of for thick coverage. Their Extra large mascara is amazing and also the make essence concealer (with the bear on it) is nice!

  3. Row says

    Hi Gigi

    Very good. My Shu Uemura Liquid will last all day – this will also last all day but with a bit more fading than the Shu but compared to most liquid eyeliners this is about 95% better