Salt of the Earth (Crystal Spring) Deodorant Review

I had this stupid teacher at primary school – I forget her name but she had a turkey neck and was super bossy all the damn time. She used to use phrases that confused me all the time like,

“Hold your horses” (What horses?)

“It’s raining cats and dogs” (Where, where?)

“Not in a month of Sundays” (There’s a month without Sundays?)*

“[He thinks she’s the} Salt of the Earth” (Bitching about the headmaster, which by the way reminds me, he grabbed my arm quite hard once when I was having my dinner and screamed at me in front of all the hall…it’s all coming back to me! Where’s the number for social services?)

*There’s no need to explain to me what they mean now, I was only 7 at the time.

Anyway – I have issues with traditional deodorant because they make my pits rather itchy and uncomfortable. I actually hate spraying aerosol anything – when I was at school some kid said every time I pumped one a big chunk of the Ozone layer would fall out and I believed her.

I kind of still do.

Enter Salt of the Earth Deodorant!

Salt of the Earth – Totally Natural Deodorant --1.jpg

Previously called Crystal Spring (Salt of the Earth is sooo much better). They make natural deodorants, using antibacterial mineral salts of inhibit pongy smells. They aren’t scented and importantly, have no parabens, aluminium or alcohol. They also won’t stain or flake because…well there’s nothing to stain or flake.

The most important thing though is – do they work?

I tried two – the rock version and the liquid version:


The classic rock deodorant needs to be wetted before being rubbed onto the skin (so ideally after a bath or shower). I liked this although it wasn’t quite as easy to use as the spray version which you can apply pretty much any time and conveniently. I have been using both for a while – I used the spray one after my evening shower and today I sweated a lot – it was a hot day and I had too many layers on.

Amazingly enough, no BO. Remember that it isn’t scented so you don’t really smell of anything (which might take some getting used to) but it does work. No horrible underarm smells.

This would work well if you like to wear purfume – not interference from other smells.

At the end of the day to verify the deodorant worked successfully I got the other half to give my arm pits a sniff – the cats would not participate. He said there was the faintest smell of something but it wasn’t BO, it was quite fresh and then he went on about pheromones. Whatever!

Verdict: Lovely, my new staple deodorant now. No irritation at all for me, no itching, no redness – I prefer the spray version because its easy peasy to use although the rock version seemed to work well too but takes a bit more effort.

Prices: Classic (large) rock £5.49, Spray £4.99, Mini Rock £3.49, Travel Spray £3.10. You can buy them from heath food shops or from here, all prices include shipping.

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    • Row says

      Hi Li

      It isn’t that cheap but its the only thing that doesnt make me itch! The rock version will last forever and ever tho!

    • Row says

      Hi Nikki

      I think there are all kinds of crystals that control body odour!! This is just one of them!

  1. Frankie says

    I love crystal deodorants!! Like at first i didn’t believe the hype but i’m convinced. I like the spray version better and i’ve found that over time i seem to sweat less even though it’s not suppose to stop sweating *strange*, and my dark pits are lightening up :-)

  2. Kristalina says

    I using little travel one, It’s good, No toxic does job well. It’s close to Nature :)) Be green,… Namaste