Salon Visit: John Carne Knightsbridge Hair Cut and Igora Vibrance Colour Review

It came to that time again, where my hair could be mistaken for a mop, so off I hopped to a John Carne Hair Salon located in Knightsbridge (a stone’s throw from Harrods).  It was in a great location – even I could find it.

The salon’s interior is very chic and minimalist, but despite this feels very friendly and welcoming.  I was booked in with the lovely Ellie, for a cut and colour using the new Schwarzkopf Igora Vibrance Shine Gloss semi permanent hair dye.

John Carne Haidressers Mayfair Knightsbrudge

One of the reasons I chose the Igora Vibrance is because I did not want another permanent on my hair, I desperately want/need the shine and this colour only takes 15 minutes to process! See, I was also in a rush.

This dye lasts for up to 6 weeks and is very gentle, I had no irritation with it although it does feel cold on the scalp.

My hair before…

I had a cut with ‘the junior’ who did ok but it was all a bit choppy and heavy.  My colour was a mish mash of mish mashes so was sort of dark and light and brown and black.

Ellie chatted to me about what I was looking for and pointed me in the right direction in terms of hair colour – we went for something dark, like a brown with a sort of plum tone to it if I remember correctly.  Also I hate having my hair dark she pointed out that it does suit me, so long as the tone is right (not lego hair).

The hair dye by the way is a bright orange carrot colour. Obviously, this is not how it turns out but I found it quite amusing!

Anyway, here is my hair before. Excuse how spaced out I look, 3 hours sleep and a train to London first thing…


John Carne Hairdressers

The John Carne salon is really lovely and comfortable. I don’t know how to describe it other than, I had very little time hanging about, flicking through magazines and waiting because everything was on time, everything was sort of there, as you need it.

You know how sometimes you can be sat in a hair salon reading tons of magazines or sort of wondering if people have forgotten about you? None of that.  There was always someone there to keep an eye on whether you needed another coffee or orange juice.

Then on to the marvel that is the wash room! Or the room they wash hair in!  Whatever you want to call it!

So you have to visit this salon just to try it out. The room is more of a relaxation booth – the lights change colour into soft greens, blue, pink etc. and there’s soft music.  A candle is lit with a sort of aromatherapy scent and the chair gives you a massage (yeah!) as your having your hair washed!

You also get a mini head massage (although you can pay extra and get an extended one) along with your hair wash.

John Carne Hair Dressers

Schwarzkopg Seah Rose shampoo and conditioner were used (smells lovely!) and a treatment because my hair is so dry.

When it came to the cut, I was pretty easy – I wanted the weight taken out of the top and all the dead ends cut off.

Ellie did a great job – it wasn’t what I expected in that it was more flicky and layered but I really liked it – she could’ve just trimmed it and let me go but she added more of a ‘style’.  My lovely companion said it was very Catherine Zeta.

From the back:

John Carne Hairdresser Hair Cut

Ellie had some blow drying tips for me since I am rubbish at it – such as, always pointing the hair dryer down so you are flattening the cuticles, always get some tension on the brush (use a round brush) so you can pull it straight and never do it from wet, always get most of the moisture out first (whoops).

I was super impressed by a new product by BC Bonacure Oil Miracle which was the only styling product used on my hair, when it was damp and after it was dry too. It contains argan oil too – so similar to Morrocanoil (which I really like but can’t use on dry hair because it looks too greasy).   So can’t wait to try it.
Here is a picture of my finished hair from the front and me clutching the oil like a fangirl:
John Carne hair Dressers 1
John Carne Knightsbridge is a lovely salon, with very professional staff, nice surroundings and everything just felt effortless.
Contact info:
John Carne
3 Montpellier Street
0207 225 2242
For price list click here.
* This was a complimentary treatment for review consideration
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