Salon Review: Cut & Colour at Eleven Hair, 11 Blenheim Street, London

I was sent to Eleven Hair on 11 Blenheim Street, London over the weekend to get my khaki coloured hair sorted out (it was lightened to almost white, then I dyed over it with an ash and it went green).

So off I toddled to Eleven Hair Salon, which is nice and central, just off Oxford Road (if I can find it, anyone can)…


Inside the little salon (well it looks small from the outside, once you get in, it’s pretty big) I was introduced to Russell Stevens, a Redken Colour Ambassador who would be colouring my hair…


Russell went through what would be realistic for my hair and what wouldn’t. At this point I am over having light hair, I wanted healthy, glossy brown hair that looked human toned. Luckily, Russell was thinking the same thing and suggested that we didn’t go black or too dark, but dark enough to add gloss.

So he put some tint on my roots to lighten them a little so the regrowth wouldn’t be too bad, then he used a semi permanent colour over the ends.

He did add a touch of copper in the dye…Copper! Copper! I thought! What if it comes out red!

But it didn’t…the result was a lovely chocolate. But I am jumping ahead. This was my hair before…it doesn’t look THIS bad normally but it was super greasy and messy from the night before in the hotel from hell, and I had a Bliss facial in the morning which is why I was make up less and greasy:


So the colour took nearly two hours to apply and wash out – really nice head massage by the way, and I was taken upstairs for my hair cut with Becky Turner.

Becky looked gorgeous in a leopard print Westwood dress (I’m still thinking about it now!) and she gave me quite a classic cut because I am trying to grow out the stupidly short layers the last hairdresser gave me. It was a quick and neat cut – I’m glad she didn’t push me to go for anything I’d regret later (I always regret fringes, for example).

Anyway, here is the result:




One more view!



To be honest, this was probably as close to a perfect salon experience as you can get. The salon had a professional but relaxed feeling, no pretension, but at the same time they really made sure you were comfortable all the time.

Everything moved along quickly too, I am usually suicidal after a few hours in a salon but everything seemed quick and painless here. On top of that, I really like my hair! It’s definitely not green, it’s a beautiful deep brown chocolate that I really like – I know that in the past when I have dyed it dark brown at home, it looks like lego hair.

I also like the cut, which is quite classic (since I am trying to grow my layers out) and Becky was nice to chat to.

Contact Info:

Eleven Hair
11 Blenheim Street,
Mayfair, London W1S 1LL

Tel: 02074912390


Note: This was a complimentary treatment

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  1. says

    wow you were lucky to get that complimentary, their prices are sooo expensive, but then the salon is in Mayfair so , they have high rent lol.
    The colour and cut though are gorgeous, really nicely shaped and so suits you.