Sale Shopping Chit Chat and StrawberryNET Bargain Shopping!

How did your sale shopping go (if you started on Boxing day?!).

I went to a few stores, SpaceNK, Selfridges and LUSH – I managed to get a few things I wanted from each store (Lipstick Queen glosses, Mark Jacobs BANG, some super random crap from LUSH*) but overall it was disappointing! The girl in SpaceNK walked away from me the whole time and eventually (kid you not) ducked behind the till and DID NOT GET UP AGAIN.

I did go at the end of the day though, when all the crowds had had their way!


*Speaking of LUSH as well as 50% of the Xmas boxes, they’re offering 50% off anything that was made before October 2010.

This means you need to check the manufacture date on the products but beware – I picked out a number of things that were made late September and I had to debate with the cashier over whether September came before October because they didn’t want to give me the discount! Then her supervisor came over to ‘check in the back’, as if that changes things…stoopid.

Also if you subscribe to StrawberryNET newsletters check out their offer for some (not all though) subscribers – spend $25 (about £16) and get 10% off and 3 free gifts (Kanebo eyeshadow, Lancome Eye Pencil, Stila Tinted Lip Balm), and if you buy from the Christmas gift sets (which I did) you get an extra 10% off. I also got 1% for buying 2 items and 2% as a loyalty discount.




Shipping is free and recorded. It used to be very fast (3 days to arrive) but ever since they changed their process and started using Home Delivery Network once it gets in to the UK rather than Royal Mail, it now takes about 2 weeks.

Unfortunately these offer emails are random – on my other account I have with them which I use the most they never send the best deals to – but the one I rarely use I get the best offers to so it could be worth signing up with 2 emails!

Did you get any bargains?

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  1. Emily says

    I managed to pick up a Shu Uemura Bowwow Christmas palette for half price in Space NK. Packaging is SO cute and wearable shades, I think you’d be very jealous! X

  2. Penoirz says

    Just received my Paul & Joe BLANC perfume from Strawberrynet via FRIGGIN HOME DELIVERY NETWORK..the parcel was COMPLETELY CONCERTINAED and the beautiful P&J box is trashed…HORRIFIC

  3. Penoirz says

    Strawberrynet were very good about the whole debacle (I sent them photographic evidence to illustrate my point).
    I thought it my duty to inform them that HDNL are absolute cretins who must enjoy kicking people’s parcels into their front gardens, having spent the most of the day sitting on them
    i swear i will never curse Royal Mail ever again*

    *probably a lie