Rose-y Cheeks: Anna Sui Face Accent G Blusher in Bronze & White Review

Hello Anna Sui!

I remember when Anna Sui was sold in Boots the chemist. Unfortunately it was ignored, and as a result it was banished from British shores. The range can now be purchased online and the newest Anna Sui releases are delicious – gorgeously packaged, sweet smelling, pretty.

I purchased two Face Accent Colors a while ago. They aren’t called ‘blushers’ you philistine – they’re ‘face colours’ presumably because they do more then make you blush?!
Anna Sui Face Color Acent G

I like the granny packaging – it hasn’t changed in years.  I bought 750 which is a warm bronze and 050 which is a white – you know me, sculpt and contour (badly)…

The palettes are so pretty:

Anna Sui Face Color Accent G

I like the fact the packaging is black shiny plastic. It doesn’t have that lacquer finish either…it’s easy to clean. It makes it far more manageable then black rubber (NARS) or shiny enamel like gloss (Chanel). Fingerprint magnets.

The Colours:

Anna Sui Face Colour Accent G

No mirrors included but 2 rather decent brushes – not bad if you consider what you usually get with blushers.

Both of these powders smell like roses.

Face Color Accent in 750:

Anna Sui Face Color Powder No 750 bronze

With close inspection this is not a bronze – it’s more of a really warm orange-brown.  It’s pretty orange.  It makes your face look somewhat dirty and there is a fine shimmer to it which is ok, but not the best of textures.

Whilst the powder isn’t gritty, it’s not super smooth either.  I feel kind of indifferent about it.

Face Color Accent 050:

Anna Sui Face Color Accent 050

I don’t know what I was expecting from a white face powder but I wasn’t expecting big chunks of glitter, which is what this has.  It has a tiny bit of cream to it, so in person it isn’t stark stark white – there’s a softness to it.

Still, this does not make up for the pug ugly glitter which just looks too disco on the face. There’s nice shimmer and it has to be like Amber Diamond, and there’s horrible chav glitter.


Anna Sui Face Color Accent

Swatches – gah! Unimpressed. They are quite pigmented though but I’m not too bothered about pigmented blush…I mean face colours. Trust me to pick weird colours.

On the cheek:

Anna Sui Face Accent Color White

It looks dewy, on inspection I look like I’ve been fighting with toddlers in a craft class.


Anna Aui Face Color Accent G 1

Verdict: Not impressed by these although I may do better with a pink or peach. Texture is ok, nothing special, finish is also nothing special.

Has anyone else tried these? Did you have the same or different experience?

*I bought these from

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  1. says

    I don’t know if it’s just me, but my only experiences with Anna Sui face colors are that they are not that pigmented and has a hard texture. They could’ve changed now as seeing the packaging has changed =P
    Looks lovely, I like the white!

  2. says

    I have one that a friend brought over for me from New York. It’s a great replacement for one of my favourite Nars shadows that is now discontinued. I love it for a sheer wash. They’re pretty cheap and available in Target in the states so I was never expecting it to be too creamy or anything like that. x