Rose & Co Rose Petal Salve & Cherry Kiss Lip Balm Review

I love the vintage look of the Rose & Co salves and balms! There’s something really comforting about them – remind me of people stashing away secrets into their tins and hiding them under the bed.

Rose & Co’s Cherry Kiss Lip Balm and Rose Petal Salve are both pretty well known in the beauty world!

Rose Petal Salve is a multi purpose product which can be used on the lips, dry patches and rough skin and also on the cuticles. Cherry Kiss lip balm is a sheer red tint with a sweet cherry scent – I personally love cherry so I really liked this.


They also have Strawberry Crush, Sweet Vanilla Salve (yum!), Rose & Glycerine Hand & Nail Salve, Lavender balm, Sweet Feet Salve and Nail & Cuticle Treatment Cream.

So lots of choice!

The Rose Petal Salve looks quite pink here but it’s pretty much sheer – it means you can use it anywhere!


I wasn’t sure how much I would like these because I tend to go for the thicker textured lip balms rather than ones that are a little oily – I really like to have a rich, creamy formula for my dry lips.

However – I do think these balms worked really well!

I don’t know why but they seemed to last longer on my lips than a lot of other balms I have tried.

They also left a glossy finish. As for using the Rose Petal Salve on dry spots – I did use it on my cuticles and also a flaky patch on my face – it worked quite nicely although because of the scent, I wouldn’t usually use it on my face – I’d stick to using it on my body.





Cherry Kiss is also a nice lip balm – you get loads of it in the tin so if you are a fan of cherry and want something slightly tinted for your lips, this is a good choice. I must admit I do find tub lip balms in general, a little more fiddly to use than a stick lip balm but it doesn’t stop me from buying them!

On my lips:


See, it’s quite a healthy glow!


This is my first foray into Rose & Co products, I really like them and will try some other products soon!

These salves are £5 each (prices vary depending on the balm you are buying!).

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