Rohto Eye Drops

I’ve been testing some Rohto Eye Drops in 40a Vitamin and 40a Cool – no idea what that means, but it comes in a snazzy bottle:



I have weepy, sore, tired eyes all the time, so I was hoping there would work…

And they kind of do. Sensitivity is a huge issue for me so I can’t use anything too harsh and I’m not one for ‘whitening’ drops – I just like ones the moisturize and soothe. Both bottles come with 12ml of liquid.

For the orange bottled one (Vitamin):

Ingredients: * natural vitamin E—The promotion blood circulation, alleviates the eye strain * vitamin B6—Promotes ocular region cell’s metabolism, improves the easy weary eye * sodium sulfate chondroitin—The protection eye cornea, prevents the eye disease *L- asparagus amino acid potassium—The help eye supplement oxygen, the promotion cellular breathing, relieves the eye strain.


– vitamin E and vitamin B6 and amino acid promotes the superior in recovery of condition such as fatigue of the eye is displayed. There is an active ingredient that makes the eye whiter.

Both products are recommended for: People with tired eyes, constant PC users. Great for contact lens users (remove lenses first). Keep in the fridge for a cool effect and use 2-3 drops each time, 3 times a day.

I like theses eye drops – the cooling sensation thought is more like mild burning. You know what I mean right? Its cooling but there is a moment of ‘owwwwww’ before it subsides. This makes my eyes water – there’s no way I would use this in the middle of my working day unless I wanted to feign illness and be sent home early as my face would be streaming with tears.

However once the stinging has gone, my eyes feel refreshed and moisturized. The Cool stings more than the Vitamin version which leaves my eyes feel soothed.

I wouldn’t personally put this item in the fridge to make it cooler – I would probably end up scooping my eyeballs out…

Both cost around £5 from Adambeauty. I would definately buy it again when I run out, but I am tempted to try the LYCEE range, which is soothing, so I can use it when I am out and about.

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    Thanks for this one. I am a contact lens user and I my work usually consists of staring at the PC for an average of 12 hours a day.