Roger & Gallet Traditional Range Gardenia Soap

There are some scents which we most of us associate with old ladies; lavender, musk, Elnet, mothballs, Savlon….

I must admit when I saw this very pretty soap by Roger & Gallet I thought it looked nice but a grannyish. But hey, vintage look is in – I am all for the boudoir, floral, pastel look!

They say:

With their springtime, romantic and crushing perfumes, the Roger & Gallet floral soaps are the echo of a marvelous garden filled with the most beautiful flower essences The Roger & Gallet perfumed soaps are manufactured using the traditional caldron method.


I keep reading about the caldron method, but nothing actually explains how this process works. Because you know I am picturing Grotbags mixing up a lovely soap with the end of her broom?

This vegetable based soap is a nice soap – I can’t fault it for washing hands (it doesn’t strike me as a facial or body soap!) – it’s got a nice lather and doesn’t dry my hands out. It comes with a rathe posh tub…this is not for a bathroom with an avocado suite is it?


But I guess the scent is the main thing. I LOVE Gardenia anyway – I like Magnolia, I like a whole host of traditional scents that some people may find old-lady-ish. I find these scents comforting and I like my hands to smell nice after visting the lavatory, darling.

I guess soap is an extra effort though..these days I usually have antibacterial hand washes by the sink – but it’s definitely a nice gift for Nan and great if you are a huge fan of the traditional scents.

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