Roger & Gallet Paris Bois d’Orange Eau Sublime Gold Shimmer Fragrant Water is Christmas Delight!

What is Christmas if not a time for a bit of citrus! In our household in the evenings we always seem to bring out the satsumas…maybe it’s the best thing to eat after stuffing out faces all day. 

I am new to Roger & Gallet – I think I have never bothered with the brand because it reminded me a range for the ‘older lady’ perhaps.  Then I smelt their gorgeous Fleur D’Osmanthus (with my favourite scented flower) and decided that actually, they have a really nice range!  So my second R&G scent is this, Bois d”Orange: 

Roger Gallet Paris Eau Sublime Or Perfume

This fragrant water, as they call it, comes in a stunning gold and orange bottle (designed by Martin Szekely) and box – perfect for gifting.  It has notes of mandarin and orange, with a touch of coconut and vanilla.  It also has sparkly flecks in the water which leaves shimmer on the skin which doesn’t stain clothes.  I love shimmer in the winter :)

Like my favourite Fleur D’Osmanthus, this fragrance has a light breezy, fresh feeling to it.  It would work wonderfully in the summer and spring, and actually I think it’s nice in the winter too, if stronger scents are not your thing.  I am not a one for scents that are peppery or spicy  (which many people seem to love in their winter perfumes) so I still prefer something floral and light like this.

The lid is plastic and is a pretty hexagonal type shape:

Roger Gallet Paris Eau Sublime Or Perfume 2

For me this scent reminds me of the fleshy part of a mandarin orange, when you first rip the skin off and there’s that smell on your fingers.  It is not too sharp or bitter (like orange peel), it’s fresher and juicer than that.  As that disappears, I can smell notes of vanilla too.  Sometimes with orange scented items it can end up smelling like a Satsuma body wash from the Body Shop, but luckily this one has a woody touch to it too, so it doesn’t scream LOOK AT ME I SMELL LIKE AN ORANGE!

The gold flecks are lovely – they really do leave sparkle on the skin (quite noticeable) so nice if you are going out.  Can you see them in the water?

Roger Gallet Paris Eau Sublime Or Perfume 3

Here it is on my skin – as you can see the gold is noticeable. 

As it settles the glitter absolutely stays on the skin but looks a little finer but this doesn’t just disappear within 10 minutes. 

Therefore – if you are one of those that goes crazy when spraying your perfume otherwise you will end up head to toe in gold glitter – this would work lovely in the hair and chest, shoulders etc but maybe avoid the face area.

Roger Gallet Paris Eau Sublime Or Perfume 4


Roger Gallet Paris Eau Sublime Or Perfume 1

This costs £32 and I kinda like it and I will be glittering on Christmas Day, I tell ya!

Do you have a Christmas Day scent?


*PR Sample

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