Rodial Glamtox Eye Light SPF 15 Eye Cream Review

I’ve noticed these last few months a huge difference in my eyes in terms of ageing – wrinkles, dark circles, redness. URGH. Lack of sleep is catching up with me.

So I have been sticking to using an eye care product and the one I am testing at the moment is the very posh Rodial Glamtox Eye Light with a SPF 15. This product illuminates the eye area and reduces puffiness.


Rodial is like the WAG of skincare brands, no?

They say:

This ground-breaking product will not only reduce puffiness, but is clinically proven to help shift those stubborn dark circles.

The cooling formula also refreshes, while on a deeper level oligopeptides work to restructure, repair and smooth the skin. Featuring a gentle SPF15, glamtox eye light protects this fragile skin against any further damage.

Now…I am SO indifferent to eye creams.
I am. I can’t help it. Most eye creams sting and make my eyes water, some I just don’t like the texture of.

Here is the pump bottle:


I have to say texture wise I LOVE this eye cream. It’s the first one for a long time I’ve been slapping on every day and night because it sinks into the skin so beautifully, leaving everything a little bit more radiant, leaving my skin feeling smoother. Also most eye creams make my left eye water especially in the morning (weird I know). This one does a little but not too much.

I love that there is SPF in this – naturally, this helps prevent ageing.


So – I do like this eye cream a LOT. I think it does a lot for brightening the eye area and firming the skin. Then I went to check out the price…

This stuff costs £92. That’s a LOT. To me, a £100 eye cream should come in a gold pot and a dose of valium. I’d pay more around the £50 mark. I think it’s better than the Creme De La Mer eye cream though, which I did pay £100 for but…there’s a recession going on, people!

You can buy it here if you’re feeling saucy.

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  1. Jen says

    haha…I don’t think I could let myself buy a £92 eye cream, even if I could afford it…for £92 I would need it to perform miracles!

  2. says

    Whoa that is expensive. Maybe in this case you get what you pay for? I don’t have enough of an issue with eyes to pay that though

    • Row says

      HI Stacie

      It’s a great eye cream I don’t usually stick with one but I have with this one…however I am sure there are great ones out there for a fraction of the price.