RMK Spring Translucence

RMK will be launching their Spring Translucence range in Feb in the UK.

It sure looks pretty. But I have been sorely disappointed with the special collections from RMK lately. Whilst the base and lipsticks are lovely, the Christmas palette was unpigmented and a little dull, and the collection before that was also lacklustre. The hearts LE palettes I haven’t touched since I got them and I now feel the same way about the shiny eyes range. RMK have a real problem sometimes with the lack of pigmentation and softness to their products.

RMK _ 2009 S_S Collection.jpg

Translucent Eyes and Lips, LIMITED and comes in 2 colours, a pink/orange palette and a browny one:

RMK _ 2009 S_S Collection-1.jpg

I hope it isn’t too translucent otherwise I will have to say no to this.

Translucent eyes – looks ok and is permanent I believe:

RMK _ 2009 S_S Collection-2.jpg

You also have 2 new blushers, 3 new Lipstick Bs and 2 new shades in my beloved Lipstick C, the nicest lipstick formula in the world! There are two new glosses and new nail polishes.

RMK _ 2009 S_S Collection-3.jpg
RMK _ 2009 S_S Collection-4.jpg

Mmmmm I don’t know how I feel. I know RMK pretty well now, and I have a feeling it will be one of those wishy-washy spring ranges. Pants! Bring out the Bobbi Brown multi colour palette to the UK, NOW!

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  1. says

    i agree, it seems like the pastel shades would suit cool-toned ladies more. I dunno about that Bobbi Brown palette though! It resembles the 88 coastal scents too much for my liking. I feel all that colour in one palette cheapens its look!

    • Row says

      Hey Blu!

      I know! It was totally inspired by the 88 palettes I think – I am concerned that the BB palette wont be sparkly or bright enough. If you do bright, then it may as well be BRIGHT otherwise you just look like a crazy cat lady (which I sort of am already).