RMK Spring Translucence Mini Haul

I went to RMK today to have a look at the Spring Translucence range..

RMK+Spring+2009+Makeup+1.jpg (JPEG Image, 400x283 pixels).jpg
Google Image Result for http___cosmetic-candy.com_wp-content_uploads_2009_01_rmk-2009-s-s-collection.jpg.jpg

It was a very meh collection – as pretty as the above multi use palette looked it was utterly, utterly unpigmented. The same for the eyeshadows, (at £20 each) were a pointless purchase.

However – all is not lost. The lipstick and glosses (all non-LE) were STUNNING.

I usually got for Lipstick C which has a gorgeous moisturizing texture. For a change I went for Lipstick B which is more pigmented in No. 24, Coral Orange and the Gloss 36, also aptly names Coral Orange (the new pink gloss is also utterly utterly stunning):


RMK have got the lipsticks and two glosses spot on – the glosses have hundreds of fine multi sparkles in them, they are just stunning. Lipstick B is a nice prospect from the usual sheer lipstick C and well worth checking out – the rest of it was just so BLAH! Pigment! We need some pigment – otherwise everything else is just a fine coat of shimmer.

Lipglosses = Amazing
Everything else = Meh

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