RMK Shiny Dots Make Over

You know I have been looking forward to the RMK Shiny Dots Collection ever since I saw the previews last year. I finally had a chance to go down and see the collection for myself!

As a reminder;

The range;

Before I saw the range in person, I wanted the green, lilac and gold eyeshadows. I was undecided about the blush, and not interested in the swirly lip colours.

So here are the 6 eye colours:


The first thing I did when I got to the counter was swatch everything on my hand. The eyeshadows are NOT as pigmented as I thought they would be; the colour is sheer and buildable but you know, I like a bit of high pigment.

Green – is a sheer, grass green, I like this very much because I love greens and it is perfect spring colour.

Blue – is once again fresh, and is a denim blue. Nice looking, but didn’t grab me, maybe I will warm to it in summer.

Lilac – this is the key colour used on the model. Its a lovely, fresh lilac – great on lighter skins.

Purple – I choose this over lilac as it is still light enough to be an all over lid shade but has a petroly grey element to it. Is a stronger shade than lilac.

Gold – this is beautiful, such a stunning true gold!

Brown – once on, it is a brown with blue flecks which is lovely, but not as much as a unique shade as the others.

The blushers felt the same; quite sheer, a bit grainy.

The pink shade, was sheer on me; it would be lovely on paler skins but it is buildable. I adore the strong orange shade, which leaves a shimmery, soft orange on the cheeks. The middle shade is between the two, pink and orange and has a more metallic edge to it (it is also the one the model is wearing.)

So I had my make over; I went for a purple, since this is the look used on the main model. Instead of going to the lighter lilac, I went for the darker purple due to my medium skintone. I wore the orange blush, and tried out three of the lip colours….



I don’t find the RMK website description that accurate so I’ll add my own perception;
01 – A soft medium pink, sheer on one side, richer with the back.
02 – Gorgeous super shimmer glittery pink with a rich pink when mixed with the beige swirl.
03 – Orange – gorge and glittery, one side sheerer than the other.
04 – Medium bright pink
05 – Beige – a rich nude on one side, a sheer highlight on the other.

I was completely disinterested in the lipsticks untill I saw them in person.

I love the swirl – with a lot of swirled lip colours, there is no definition between the two shades. But with these lipsticks, especially with the beige 05 and pink 02, the colour between using the front of the lipstick and the back (for a stronger shade) is pretty definite; its like have two lipsticks in one!!!

My result was light, and fresh;

I already use RMK Base (my favourite foundation). Products used is;

RMK Liquid Primer
RMK Colour Corrector (I don’t have this, why don’t I have this?!)
RMK Liquid Foundation in 104
Shiny Dots in Purple
Swirled Lipstick in 04
Shiny Dots Blush in Orange

That was all! From using the one eyeshadow shade, my MUA (Chantelle) was able to highlight using the same colour, which is pretty impressive!

In the end I took home;

Lipstick in Beige 05
Lipstick in Pink Beige 02
Eyeshadow in Green
Eyeshadow in Purple

I am still lemming;

Eyeshadow in Gold
Lipstick in Orange 04
Blusher in Orange

My verdict on the whole collection, is that its a very fun collection, stunning to look at, with a lot of versatility.

The eyeshadows and blushers are all buildable. It’s a lovely collection, but I don’t think its one where you need every single colour.

The gem has been the lipsticks, and I was not expecting that at all. They are extremely shimmery and essentially two colours in one! Lovely.

Prices; Eyeshadow £18 each, Blusher £16 each, Lipstick £16 each, so not by any means, a cheap collection, but so pretty to look at!

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  1. the Muse says

    looking gorgeous Rows!

    ok question

    do they come with the compacts or are they selling them separately?


    I think I’m taking your advice on the oranges as they look rockin’!

    get my list to you soonish!

    Love ya!

  2. Row says


    at those prices Musey, they come with the case!!

    Oranges are lovely. Pink is nice too but think the mid orangey-pink is a good mix between the two.

    Yeah yeah let me know what u want!

  3. ' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' says

    the eyeshadows look pretty ! would it be possible for you to do swatches of those ? :)

  4. Nic Nic says

    I think im getting the same colour as you 😀 that silver purple 03??

    ive asked my bf to pick it from japan cos RMK is so hard for me to get here >_< thanks for swatches =)

  5. Row says

    Hey Blu!

    I did do a swatch, but I rubbed it off accidently before I took a photo! They rare also quite sheer with one layer (the idea is you can use one colour to create the highlight, AND the contour).

    I can do swatches with what I already have (3 of the shadows!)

  6. Row says

    Hi Nic NIc!

    Yes the purple is beautiful, its the one on the model. I got 04, which is also purple, but a darker shade of purple which i thought was a bit stronger on my medium skin but thats definately the shade to go for!

  7. ' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' says

    if you could do the 3 you have i’d be grateful! 😀
    i won’t be able to see the collection in person which is why i’d love swatches :)

  8. petitebelle says

    *pout* Why can’t they have RMK in the US?? Everything looks so nice from this line. Your photo looks lovely by the way, what gorgeously glowy skin you have!

  9. Row says

    Hey Petite Belle

    Thanks! I noticed the glowyness to, I think its the RMK Colour Corrector Produt (its the thing I don’t already own) and it seemed to make such a big difference to the glow!!! I really want it!

    (You can buy RMK on HK Facial shop?!)